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Nipple confusion

Has anyone introduced a bottle early with new born and were able to jump back into breastfeeding?  My son struggled with feeding in his first week and then I got mastitis as a result so had so supplement with formula/bottle for a short while.  Unfortunately while I was recovering my milk supply went way down and we still need to supplement while I'm working to get it back up.  Recently while breastfeeding I noticed my LO stuggling a lot worse to latch and am afraid he's not going to be able to successfully feed from the breast ever again.

Re: Nipple confusion

  • Have you seen a lactation specialist? They would be thd best person to talk to about this, but I may have some advice. 

    My LO has trouble latching so we have been using a nipple shield, which has helped tremendously. This may do the trick for your LO. Also, your positioning, hold, and guidance is also important to how the baby latches. If you can see a LS, she can shown you the "sandwich hold" of your breast, how to position baby tummy to your tummy, bring baby's nose to nipple, point nipple towards roof of mouth, and bring baby to nipple, not nipple to baby. 

    Breastfeeding is so hard. I fed my daughter with syringes, feeding tubes, and pumped and hand expressed until I finally had supply and trained her to latch and suck. It was hard, and she still has latching difficulty, but we practice and keep at it. She also gets very upset and rips the shield off; I always have to calm her down, put shield back on and try again. It's very frustrating! 

    Good for you for working hard to give her that breast milk. If, in the end, you can only pump and bottlefeed, at least she's getting all that good stuff in your milk. 

    Good luck to you mama! 
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