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Intro TW for losses and child mentioned

Hi everyone, I was around on TN many moons ago and initially traveled over here while pregnant but sort of fizzled out after my son was born. I'm Sam, I've been married nearly 10 years, we have a four year old son, a nearly 10 year old cat and a 2 year old dog. I was mostly active on the military boards but bounced around a bit. We have been TTC #2 since Dec. 2016. We had two miscarriages last year and a pretty high risk colposcopy followed by a LEEP last July and a doctor ordered break. Got the all clear right before the holiday season and decided to NTNP because we had a vacation planned for March. Got pregnant last month but it ended in a CP and thus we've been given the referral to an RE. 

We've noticed two out of the three recent miscarriages I've had low progesterone so we're keeping that in the forefront. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's years ago however my thyroid functionality was still normal until last year my thyroid started going toward hypothyroidism. So my GP and I worked to get that under control, my last two checks have showed normal results so at least that's working now. I'm currently temping, charting, drinking red raspberry tea with vitex, taking some maca root and started acupuncture. Anything I can do while I wait to see the RE next month, I'm doing. 

So, hi. 


M/C 06/09/2011
DS 05/29/2013
M/C 02/14/2017 
M/C 06/05/2017 
C/P 03/01/2018
BFP 05/17/2018 EDD 01/27/2019 
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