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Appointments (Last 2 Weeks of March)


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  • Glucose test this Friday and then I'm moving on to every other week appointments.

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  • krashke said:
    Just got back from my chiropractor appointment! It was amazing! He was able to find exactly where my pain was coming from and said that he could feel where my SI joint was off on my left side. He did a few stretches and a few pops. He did recommend that I stop popping/cracking my hips. That will be a tough habit to break. 

    Honestly I would pay the $60 just to lay on my stomach for a half an hour. 
    I feel this more than expected lmao!

    Side note: if your bathtub is deep enough, you can kinda be on your front without pressing. That's what I've been doing {which is better than 2am Macguyver-ing pillows so you can 'lay' on your front}
  • @krashke glad the appointment went well! I love the feeling walking out of the chiropractor. That fresh alignment is like ahhhhh. I usually jack mine up pretty quickly, probably because of weird sleep positions, but I so look forward to my weekly appointments. 
  • @amys614 yeah I'll be going back weekly for at least 3 weeks or so and then he said we can see how the pain is. 
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  • @MissKittyDanger Are you taking a bath or sleeping in the bath tub?  I'm so confused lol.
  • @becca_123 oops, forgot to clarify! Lol Can I say sleeping in the bathtub? :P

    While taking a bath, I try to go on front & try to somewhat float.

    But while trying to sleep, I've tried to fix pillows so I can sleep on stomach
  • Dammit, I failed my GTT by ONE POINT. So now I have to do the 3 hour test. Not sure how I'll find time for that....ughhhhhhhhhhhh
  • @bearmoons Noooo!!!! Sorry :( 
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  • @kfren @MissKittyDanger I know, what a PITA. I do have PCOS, so that's why they are being so picky about being 136 vs. 135 or less....I'm also anemic, so I need to start iron, which will be great for the constipation :) Hoping I'll pass the 3 hour, but if not, I'll survive...I'm a PA, I was a dietitian in another life, and MH is a Type 1 diabetic. 
  • I just realized how busy April is going to be for me/us!

    Prenatal classes on 12th, 19th & 26th
    OB appt on 10th & 24th
    Day with my mum - 24th {it's the day my dad passed, we always do something together - she's excited she gets to hear the heartbeat that day also :) }
    I believe on the 7th I'm hanging with a friend for mani/pedi day {I can't reach my feet to do it myself ;) }

    I'm now kinda glad shower won't be until May ;)
  • @bearmoons It's definitely not the worst thing ever. My OB's office though, uses a cutoff of 129. I had a 125 8 weeks ago and I go again next week. If GD is the most of my concerns, then I'll be ok. 
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  • @kfren I would stink if I have GDM, but I'll do whatever I need to do :) And carb counting won't be that bad, at least I already know how to do it!

    @MissKittyDanger I agree...sigh. Me too, but if I don't, I'll take it in stride!
  • @bearmoons GL on the 3 hour test! I had to take iron with DD and the OB gave me a prescription that contains a stool softener. 
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    @bearmoons ahh dang! Fingers crossed for your 3 hour test!

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  • Chilling at the hospital, a little over an hour into my 3 hour glucose. Booorrrring. Haha
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    Bumping for this week’s appointments... last week of March ladies! 

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  • GL to everyone doing their glucose tests this week.

    @krashke it always boggles my mind how different everyone's labs, OBs, etc are. After I drank the stuff, the lady specifically told me not to move around much. Took it as far as telling me that if I needed to use the bathroom, please come use the one in by the them instead of walking to the one down the hospital hall. Some let you move, some keep you shackled. Some say fast, some say it doesn't matter. What gives. 
  • @amys614 my OB's office didn't GAF how I handled the glucose test, but I honestly wonder if they're like that with everyone or it's the same bullshit bias stuff again. Because my OB at my next visit said, "Obviously you passed, I mean if someone like you doesn't pass the glucose test, what is the world coming to?" But I have a friend who is thinner than I am, runs marathons, doesn't eat many sugars/carbs (celiac), and she had GD (but not any indication of diabetes before pregnancy or anything) so it seemed a little nuts to me that they were so convinced I wouldn't have it. Like they sort of acted like it was stupid I even had to take the test -- which, if true, pls don't make me take the test lol, shit is gross? -- but I'm prettttttty sure it is important. #notadoctorthough
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