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Milestone Monday

Happy Monday! I'm struggling to think of one today, far too sleep deprived. Not really a milestone but he's getting so much better at eating (and pooping). He's had meatloaf, beef stew, pea soup, salmon, risotto, quinoa, quiche and a ton of fruits and veggies. 
I'm going to start putting more milk in my pumped bottles because I'm getting worried he taking in less milk when I get home. He's so distracted when he eats and has been sleeping poorly, will see if this helps. 
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Re: Milestone Monday

  • CPR79CPR79 member
    His roseola cleared up quickly thankfully but now it looks like he might be cutting 4 top teeth all at once!   He's generally happy during the day but hasn't been sleeping well (I'm honestly torn on your 'would you rather' on that front @jkbrownstein).  

    An actual milestone though: he can now go from laying down to sitting by himself and from sitting to laying down, but that's still more like falling, he needs to control it a bit better.  I don't think crawling is far behind!
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  • @cpr79 I'm glad he's doing better! Crawling is probably close, my LO used laying to sitting transition to help himself move forward before he was crawling. 
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  • LO is trying to pull himself up now! He can also scoot backwards and in circles. No crawling forward yet! 
  • My baby is crawling! (She was born end of June.) And she finds “no no” to be HILARIOUS  :|
  • @virginiaunicorn11 I thought my almost 9 month old was the only one who thinks “No” is hilarious. Haha. She’s already defiant. What am I going to do during the toddler and teenage years?! 
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