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GTKY 3/19

Hey everyone! This board has been super dead lately. What did you all do for St Patrick’s Day? Do you like all the minor holidays like Valentine’s Day, st pat’s, cinco de mayo, etc? What is your favorite minor holiday?
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Re: GTKY 3/19

  • I like Cinco de Mayo because I like tacos and margaritas!
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  • H and I went out Saturday night - we weren’t originally planning to go out for St. Patrick’s. Ended up drinking too much and felt horrible all day yesterday - I feel too old for this!

    I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day; I’d rather celebrate us on a day that’s more personal, like our anniversary. I also like Cinco de Mayo because margs and tacos, but don’t normally celebrate it. I’m a huge fan of Pi day :) 
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  • @meggyme Cinco de Mayo is a good day in our house, but that's because it's my DH's birthday, nothing to do with the holiday! :D

    I don't know that I have a minor holiday I really love, to be honest. Maybe I'd go with my birthday :grin:
  • We really don't celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Canada.. but given all the tacos and margs it sounds like my kinda holiday!

    We didn't do anything for St. Patricks. We played some board games at home.
    As for Valentines day - we usually make a point to have dinner together at home and just enjoy each other. We take it as an opportunity to make an excuse to just be together. But we don't do gifts or celebrate as such. 

    I like most of the little holiday's because it's a great excuse to get together with family for dinner (thanksgiving, Canada day, Birthday's etc.) but I don't celebrate as such. And St. Patrick's is probably my least favourite because you basically have to drink to celebrate and big green parties are not my thing anymore.

    Side note.. I was at a coffee shop for breakfast with DH and DS and a little girl came up and was talking to me and DS and she was talking about how the leprechaun came to her house last night and brought silver and gold.. have you heard of such thing?! Since when does this go beyond Santa, Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy?!
  • @kristah2 yeah, some people go all elf on the shelf with even st Patrick’s day and make “leprechaun traps” and then make it looks like the leprechaun evaded it.

    For me, that’s way too much work. Maybe when my LO grows up a bit it might be fun, but I refuse to do elf on the shelf and this will probably be the same.
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  • We adopted a cat for St Patrick's Day, lol. Neither of us really drink, so we were originally just gonna have corned beef for dinner, but that didn't happen. My favorite "minor" holiday is probably Pi Day. We like most of the minor holidays, lol. We like excuses to get together with friends.

    @kristah2 I've heard of the leprechaun thing, but I just... don't get it. I don't even get the elf thing, to be honest. DH and I both refuse to do it.

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  • Agreed the leprechaun thing sounds like a lot of work - never heard of it before!

    Anyone getting snow this week??
  • @dogmomma271 oh I hope not. They’re predicting a “wintery mix” for us, so probably some slush.
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  • I also hate the idea of Elf on the Shelf. MIL asked if she could buy us one and I had to hold back making a face...I just politely said "we weren't really planning on doing that with our kids, thanks for the offer though." So the fact that people do something similar as a leprechaun? Hell no. 

    Idk if I have a favorite minor holiday. I do like my wedding anniversary because DH and I go to the same restaurant every year for dinner, the one we were married at. It's not a "holiday", but it's special to us.
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