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3rd Trimester

Did you go into labor early with your third child?

I've heard people go into labor early with there third child so I'm curious what do you guys think and when did you go into labor with your third child?

1st child - 1 week early
2nd child- 3 days pass due date
3rd child - due April 23rd 2018 not sure if I'll make it tho
I've been having ALOT of pelvic pressure can barely roll over in bed without being in pain.

Re: Did you go into labor early with your third child?

  • You are no more likely to go into labor early with a third child than a second child.  Only possible exception being if your second and third are very close together (mine will be 14 months apart and the doctor said I am at a slightly increased risk of preterm labor as a result; I think that only applies if there is less than an 15 month difference though).

    Increased pelvic pressure is unfortunately not a sign of eminent labor...settle in, it might be a while.  With my first I was told she was "super low" starting at my 36w appointment and she wasn't born until 39+6.  Some babies drop early which can lead to increased pressure.
    Me: 37 DH: 37
    Married 5-31-14
    DD1 born 6-21-15
    DD2 born 6-11-17
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  • 1st child: Born at 41w2d
    16 months later...
    2nd child: Born at 40w4d
    3 years later...
    3rd child: Induced at 40w3d
    3 years later
    4th child: I'm betting on another late arrival!

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  • No. None of mine were induced.
    #1–40 weeks 2 days
    #2–due date baby
    #3–40 weeks 1 day
    pg with #4
  • I hope I go earlier than the last times. Baby 1. 40 +3.
     Baby 2. 40 +4
    Baby 3. Currently 38 weeks and over it. 
  • My first had him on his due date
    Second had her 11 days late
    My third had her on her due fate
    My 4th had her a week late.
    This one, I am losing my plug, so it could be 4-6 weeks or earlier. I have only BH contractions, nothing serious.
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