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Protocols for Egg Quality

Hi All, I'm new here.  I'm 37 and we have been TTC for about 18 months, with an RE for about 6 months.  I have 2 failed IVFs that, because we were pushing to day 5 and PGS testing, never went to transfer.  RE said poor egg quality.  I've been doing all the alternative stuff.  Acupuncture over a year.  Arvigo Mayan fertility massage.  CoQ10, prenatal, fish oil, vitamin D and Royal Jelly for a year.  I don't drink or eat gluten or sugar really.  After the first failed IVF, I added DHEA 75mg 3x day and upped the CoQ10.  2nd IVF was worse results. I know I'm older, but I'm still in my 30s and my labs are good.  I have a feeling the IVF drugs are actually messing with my egg quality - we decided to do IVF because of MFI.  Please suggest clinics, doctors and/or medical protocols that specifically deal with older women and egg quality.  My RE is already talking to me about donor eggs and I think it's premature.  I'm looking for some positivity and some practical advice on how to be my own detective.

Things I'm considering: 
agonist/antagonist conversion with estrogen priming (AACEP) (the RE from Sher Fertility researched this)
adding acai berry (CCRM is researching this)
testosterone priming (my RE wants to try this next)
mini IVF (I know this one is controversial)
giving up caffeine, dairy and all grains

TTC since August 2016, with RE since August 2017
ME: 37, FSH 5.9-9.9, AMH 2.152, AFC 10-11
DH: 38, MFI (count 78 million, motility 46%, morphology 1%)
11/2017 IVF#1 antagonist protocol with BCP (300iu Follistim, 300iu Menopur, Ganirelix last 5 days) 9R, 9M, 5F, 2 blasts, both PGS abnormal
3/2018 IVF #2 antagonist protocol w/o BCP ((300iu Follistim, 300iu Menopur, Ganirelix last 4 days) 6R, 3M, 3F, 1 blast (not good enough to PGS test)
5/2018 IVF #2 testosterone protocol with lupron flare (300 iu Gonal F, 150iu Menopur, HGH last 4 days) 12R, 6M, 7F - froze all at day 3 
FET #1 7/2018 BFN, FET #2 9/2018 BFP chemical, FET #3 11/2018 BFP concerning u/s at 7w

Re: Protocols for Egg Quality

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