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Lovenox - stopping after 1st trimester?

After 3 previous early MC's I went through the battery of testing and everything was normal except igm levels were slightly elevated (12.3) and not clinically significant, especially since all of my other tests were normal.
As a precaution my RE put me on Baby Aspirin and Lovenox with this pregnancy, saying it couldn't hurt.  Now that I'm coming up on 11 weeks, my regular OB wants me to come off the Lovenox soon (but continue the BA).  
I'm extremely nervous about coming off, but it would be rather nice not to have to deal with the injections daily (and the hassle I have to go through with the insurance company to get this refilled).
Anyone have experience stopping Lovenox after 1st trimester?

Re: Lovenox - stopping after 1st trimester?

  • I was on Heparin. RE wanted it through 22 weeks but MFM thought I was on way too much and advised me to stop at 16 weeks when I saw him so I did. My OB wasn’t happy because he tends to trust the RE more. It’s so stressful when doctors aren’t on the same page and there isn’t a specific rule. I’m 18+2 today and I started BA when I stopped the heparin and also increased L-Arginine 500mg to 3x/day as my RE instructed to do when I was supposed to stop the heparin at 22 wks. So far, so good!
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  • I know this is an old post, but did you stop Lovenox in your second trimester? I have the same exact issue, slightly elevated anticardiolipin antibodies (was tested 4 different times) all in the indeterminate area. My RE put me on BA and Lovenox and my ob and mfm told me I don’t need it just to stay on the BA. I’m 20 weeks and want to know if you stopped Lovenox and how everything went!! 
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