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needing advice about recent miscarriage...

  on feb 16th 2018 baby kylo was born at 15 weeks , its now a month as of today.. they 16th of march and still in serious pains when i pick up washing bend over  and no period has come  back  yet   im feeling worse tbh i have milk leaking.. im vomitting like crazy.. will this ever clear up or has anybody every gone throughout the extreme pains this long afterwards.. feeling alone atm :'( and could really use help

Re: needing advice about recent miscarriage...

  • I am so sorry for your loss. This is such a hard thing to experience. Your not alone, we are all here for you.

    I have no experience but feel like you should call your Dr. Sending hugs :heart:
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    Im sorry for your loss of baby Kylo. I agree you should call your doctor. I have not been through that experience but I wouldn't think symptoms should last that long especially the vomitting and extreme pain
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  • @cookie1993 I'm so sorry to hear of your loss :(

    Call your doctor or go to urgent care TODAY. If you did not pass all the tissue, there could be a problem or infection.

    Sending you love and healing of all kinds.
  • thank you all for your kindness and support i have been freaking out about it as im new to all of it.. ill book a doctors appointment and see whats said  xx

  • @cookie1993, my first loss was at 14 weeks, I was back to "normal" within about 3 weeks I think.  The first two I was hormonal, had my milk come in and crampy.  Then I bled for 3 total weeks, and had migraines for a long time, but my nausea was gone immediately.  I agree you should call your doctor asap, they need to check your HCG and do an ultrasound.   

    My second miscarriage was at 10 weeks and I had cramps and nausea after, but it turned out I had a molar pregnancy and needed a lot of follow up care, including a second d&c.

    Good luck to you.
  • @holly321 thank you for sharing im sorry about your loss also. i am booked in to the doctors for tomorrow so im hoping itll shed a light as to why or what could be wrong 
  • just an update i have a damaged left ovary  now going to specialist appointments and so far whats been said it looks like ill be getting a removal. thanks again to everybody for there advice and well wishs.
  • @cookie1993 I'm really sorry about this outcome. But glad they were able to identify the issue. Hopefully things move quick so you can get recovery underway finally.
  • thank you so much its a very sad and extremly hard time specially for me lossing a baby then this so i hope intime ill be ok with never being a mother ..
  • Oh no I'm so sorry. Are they removing the left tube/ovary? Did they say what happened, was it a tubal pregnancy? Did they tell you you wouldn't be able to have children? If you still have your right ovary/tube you should be able to still get pregnant again unless there's something else preventing it. 
    I'm so sorry that you had extra trauma to deal with on top of what already happened. I hope your surgery went smoothly and you are recovering ok... :( I'm glad you aren't in such pain and sickness anymore. 
  •  @projectalice thank you for your support and well wishs .yes they were in my tube and very underdeveloped  and they did a full removal there was an option for  the removal of just my left ovary but i didnt want to have the risk they brought up... currently going down other  ways of having a baby   been looking in to foster care or adopting a baby  when im ready ..
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