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Should I wait or not?

Hello. I'm looking for some advice. Yesterday I was diagnosed with an anembryonic pregnancy at my OB's office. I'm 8w since LMP, 7w according to sac size on sonogram. Embryo was barely visible, no heartbeat found on Doppler. OB is booking me for D&C this Friday. She recommended taking an extra sonogram today just to make sure and for insurance purposes. Last night I started with pink/red spotting, no cramps or pain, told my OB, said I shouldn't worry. The doctor who took my scan today came to the same conclusion, but said that they usually wait for 10 days before doing anything to see if the embryo develops. I'm still bleeding

I'm an extremely indecisive person and I hate to be in this situation, I would not wish this to anyone... so my question is... should I wait or not? What would you do or what have you done if you've been in a similar situation?
I don't want to get my hopes up, and at the same time I don't want to do the procedure if there's still a chance... This is too difficult.
Anyway, anything will help, thank you, and I'm sorry for your losses.

Re: Should I wait or not?

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    Personally I would wait. I'd rather know for certain than always wonder "what if". However, only you can make that call. 
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    maluclbs  Did they take beta draws? You could get your hcg number from the betas today, wait 48 hours and get another draw. If it isn't doubling, then you know it's done.

    MC #1: D&C Oct 23, 2015 (7.5 weeks)
    MC #2: July 1, 2016 (5.5 weeks)
    MC #3: October 17, 2016 (CP)
    RE #1: RPL testing November 2016-January 2017
    MC #4: Feb. 28, 2017 (CP)
    RE #2: Additional RPL testing March-November 2017
    MC #5: January 2019 (6.5 weeks)

    RE #3: More testing 2023. 
    Egg Retrieval Sept/Oct 2023, 2 good embryos after PGT-A testing.
    Surgery for endometriosis January 2024
    Lupron Depo March 2024.  Benched 3 months.  Hopefully FET after that.


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    @maluclbs I was at 8 weeks and had a similar experience. They had me come back a week later (my doctor said 5-7 days was enough time to confirm if there were changes). When I went back, it was confirmed as a non-viable pregnancy and we booked a D&C.

    I did not experience any spotting but I will say that waiting gave me peace of mind that it really was a loss and also time to process the loss.

    It is a personal and unique experience for us all. Follow your heart.

    I am so sorry to see you in this limbo. I know it is heartbreaking to be there.
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    I would wait.  TW, viable pregnancy mentioned*.  I have been pregnant four times.  All four times I have had various amounts of bleeding last for weeks.  Although I had two losses, they were both MMC, so my body wasn't even aware.  End TW

    Also could you see if the ultrasound can be a bit sooner that 10 days?  I was in a similar situation, at 7 weeks the development was not were it should be, ideally, my doctor wanted to wait 2 weeks but let me come back in 1.  The sack had shrunken and was misshapen, so it was clear it was a miscarriage at that point.
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    ble1ble1 member
    I would wait if it were me. I agree with others I would ask for blood draw to see if hcg is going up and I would do another scan. When I was told of my mmc I still asked for another scan( on a different day) before we scheduled d&c. It gave me peace of mind and the intial shock wasn't there. 
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    Thank you all so much for the support and the advice. I wish you nothing else but good things in the future, especially strength, love, and support from your loved ones. Here's my update.

    *TW / TMI from here on*

    On Thursday I woke up and I noticed clots. The bleeding became stronger, and by lunch time, mild cramping started. I went to my OB's in the afternoon to check the results of the scan and told her about the new symptoms, and suggested D&C the same day. I had kinda already given up because there were many signs against any hope so I decided to do it. I immediately went to the hospital as I was scheduled for 9PM. Cramps became stronger and just as painful as I can bear them to be and when I went to the bathroom in my room, it seemed that it was over. I recognized tissues and probably the sac (I was never told if it was but it seemed like it), told the nurses and residents, and finally to my OB when she arrived. After I came back from the OR my husband told me I (fortunately) didn't need to be dilated and that when the procedure was done they didn't have to do much. Right now I'm back home with no pain whatsoever.

    As strange as it may sound I'm relieved everything happened as it did, I listened to my body and apparently I was right to do so. I didn't really have to wait that long, my body did most of what it had to do on its own and that has made me feel a little better than I have felt since I got the terrible news. 

    Again, thank you all for your kind words and my best wishes to everyone.
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    I am so sorry for your loss. I am glad you have gotten some relief from the pain. You are absolutely right about listening to your body. Hopefully when you are ready, you get a rainbow :heart:
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    I am glad you're doing ok, and recovering well from everything. Peace of mind is also a really good thing. It sounds like you made the right call. <3
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