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Hi my fiance and i loss our baby in November 2017 i was 3 days shy of 6 months. In October we had been to the hospital for our gender reveal but they told us the baby was in the last percentile for growth and may not make it. My doctor encourage/forced me to get the autism test done then to see if that was why our baby was small she smiled and said its a great test really advanced like she was getting a kick back from the company. I originally didnt want to since we don't care we would love our baby either way. She sent us for the test and that was it no info or recommendations no talk of bed rest or what to do or what happens if we lose our baby. I moved and got another hospital to take my case they saw me on October 31 and the doctor looked over my file that they had sent him. Things were missing. So he did a ultrasound and could not see the heart beat. Turns out in the last two days we had lost our baby. After delivery we found we had a very little boy named Noah and his placenta was small and clotted. We know nothing more. I feel so left out of my whole pregnancy and i am pretty scared to trust doctors now. I have been referred to mount Sinai in Toronto and am currently low key trying to get pregnant but i am terrified that those i trust will let me down again. Also o was scary dizzy my entire pregnancy like could not drive all day no matter what crazy dizzy couldnt keep a conversation with out long pauses and people reminding me what i was talking about. And doctors where just like yea thats pregnancy. No one ever took me seriously

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  • Thank you I am currently pregnant at 12 weeks now I will be having my first appointment there on the 28th been so nervous but an ultrasound a few days ago confirmed baby is still ok.
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