Best toys for learning the alphabet?

Hi all,

I have an almost three year old who's very interested in her letters. I'd like to put something in her Easter basket to help her learn. I'm hoping some of you can point to toys that kids actually will play with. Some seem too advanced (memory matching games) some seem boring (Elmo on the go letters looks like it's not that interesting). I've googled this plenty, but I'm really hoping for personal experiences!

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Re: Best toys for learning the alphabet?

  • DS is only two, but he loves the foam letter bath toys and fridge magnets. He’s also a big fan of the ABC books. We have 3 or 4 and he takes one to bed with him almost every night. 
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    Actualluy all toys are learning toys. As long as he/she has a wide variety of play things they'll learn from them. The most important learning tool for him/her is YOU! Spend as much time as possible playing with your LO and involving them in the household chores. Take them out to different places too - just going to a different park from usual is a learning experience for them.

    Anyway, suitable toys:

    A toy phone. Don't worry about getting one that bleeps and sings songs and lights up - they're a waste of money. One which is as realistic as possible with clear numbers is best. Do lots of role play dialling 999 for an emergency and just 'ringing friends and family' to chat.

    Toy cars. I expect if you've got a little boy he has these already, but girls need cars too! Line them up in size order, talk about the colours, role play with them.

    Dolls house people and furniture. Don't worry about the actual house - that's not necessary at this age. The little boy I look after loves the 'people' as he calls them. Fantastic for lots of reasons.

    Puzzles. I'd skip the 2 piece ones - they won't be useful for very long. Go straight to the 9 piece ones, but be sure to spend time doing them with your LO.

    Shape sorters. Always good.

    Paint with sponges (small is better for little fingers) thick brushes, glitter (boys like glitter too!) and anything they can print with.

    Crayons (the ones with the plastic handles are a waste of money, just get proper ones straight away).

    Playdough with an extruder, a tiny rolling pin and and cutters.

    Bubbles. Tescos have got some with a larger wand which make nice big ones. If you take them to the park kids will come running from all directions. Great opportunity for socialising with other children!

    Books! You literally can't have enough of these. 

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