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Weekend Randoms 3/10-3/11

Didn't see it posted yet so here you go ladies!


Re: Weekend Randoms 3/10-3/11

  • Someone talk some sense into me (or be a bad influence...either way...). My conference today doesn't start until 10:45 and it's currently 9. There is a lunch at 12 that I have to go to, but the only thing before that is a session I'm scheduled for that doesn't sound too interesting/helpful to me. I am soooo tempted to hop in the rental car and go to the beach (just to walk/look...too cold to swim) and be back in time for lunch before my boss notices. Should I ?? 
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    Go to the beach!!! You're in California, if the session is meh, I say go outside instead!
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  • @kissableviv it's cloudy so we decided to skip our last session of the day instead and hope it gets sunny later :smile:
  • @wildtot, glad you went, those sales are awesome! I'm working on the registry this weekend.
    Went to teach my class then decided to treat myself to some pastries. Got 3 for $5 at a popular Asian bakery, so yummy. Now I'm fed and showered and lounging on the couch while I get some admin stuff done. Not a bad weekend so far! Slept 9 hours last night and it was nice to get an early start on the day.
  • @kissableviv sounds like a good start to the weekend!
  • @wildtot I’m glad you went and got some stuff! You inspired me to look up local consignment sales and there’s one on my birthday in April so I’m going to go!
    run along Pond...2015/12/10

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  • @comealongponds seriously i don’t know how I’ve gone this long with out going to one. I might be addicted lol next one is in late summer so hopefully i can go and I’ll still qualify for the pre sale.
  • @wildtot nice score! I gotta find me one of these consignment sales. 

    @kissableviv I also got a ton of sleep last night!  Today was the first time I could sleep late in months and it was glorious!

    we just spent 4 hours at ikea and now I have to assemble a dresser before bed. Worst part is that they didn’t have the other dresser in stock so I have to hope that I can go next week sometime and they will have it. 
  • My mom went crazy thinking TRU is closing and basically took me on a shopping spree. We got a new swing for the baby, the kick n play piano ( our old one was broken and Sloan loved this!), humidifier, sound machine, we got new nipples for the bottles, new pacis, a tub thing to bathe baby, and a new hodded towel. 

    I feel like we don’t need to buy anything now. 

    Although if things do go on sale and the car seat we use for Sloan now is one of them we will pick up two of them to have for when J18 gets big enough. We get a car seat for each my husbands and my car. 

    Then my MIL has one as does my dad. That’s a lot of $$$$ in car seats 

  • @wildtot we keep a large bag of dumdums in the car solely to be used as bribery lol. So shame in my game! I’m glad you got some good deals!!
  • @wildtot I felt so bad, I had to literally peeeeeel DS out of bed this morning to get him ready for his grandparents. I’m dreading bed time- thankful his grandparents get to deal with him today!  :D
  • @acunamatada ugh that’s the worst but glad you get to escape part of it lol
    @paytonpedro i love that movie! 
  • @wildtot We’re on the east coast and my DS just woke up at 9:10. It’s going to be an interesting day with naps that’s for sure. Hopefully I can get him in bed before 9!
  • morethanamamamorethanamama member
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    I love that it doesn't get dark so early for sure but yeah, this morning was tough. I usually am up at 7 no problem but it's 8:15 and I barely made it out of bed to pee. Have to meet a friend for breakfast in an hour so I better get my sh** together!
    @paytonpedro Coco is sooooooooo good!
  • Went to see Annihilation last night because DH loves science fiction. It was a bit intense but pretty cool! What I loved was that the baby was moving around like crazy, his kicks are getting stronger! Which makes me so happy since I have the stupid anterior placenta. One more week to 24w, another big milestone!
  • weekend of the drive bys it appears. Having a migraine probably from not sleeping last night and so so tempted to call in to work
    April Siggy Challenge Social Distancing

  • @lindsayleigh1989 hope you feel better and get some sleep tonight!
  • @lindsayleigh1989 hang in there! You get to quit it soon enough! Hope your migraine goes away

    +1 to hating DST. I am a 5am riser anyway but I get grumpy when my watch is like, ITS 6am! No, its not, its 5, now I just have 1 less hour to get shit done during the morning. Thanks. At least DS was up late last night from napping late after Grandma's (he fell asleep in the car on the way to get dinner) so he woke up at kind of the same time and napped early. Hopefully he'll still go to sleep at a decent hour.

    I get to start seedlings 3/30 (onions, broccoli, and peppers according to my book) so I am looking at my seed catalog and I'm gonna see if I can get the ones I need at the local co-op today instead of paying shipping on the website, otherwise I have to order this week to get them in time. DS and I are going shopping because I have a bunch of coupons for JC Penney and one expires today. Damn kid is growing so he needs pants and shorts nothing from last year fits! Maybe I'll find a cute st patty's day shirt while I'm out for the party we are going to Saturday. 

    @wildtot I am also a snack bribes in the carseat kind of shopper with DS. No shame.
  • @SmashJam If you don't mind sharing, what's the title of your gardening book? I would like to start a garden but I don't know that I'll have time and energy this year. But if I do, I'd like to know where to start with seedlings :)
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    @SmashJam DH has been working on fencing off part of our backyard so we can put some planters and keep the dog and this digger child out. I seriously hope i have the energy to do it lol 

    why we need the fence

    Eta pic because apparently it got cut off
  • @TalesOfASocialIntrovert The Vegetable Gardener's Bible! It has all sorts of info on specific vegetables and when to plant, how to care for and harvest, etc. It also has charts about what veggies plant nicely together, what veggies you should plant after other veggies, it just has a lot of information! 
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    @SmashJam Thanks! I'll check it out :)
  • DH bought a smoker last weekend. He's smoking a chicken today and for whatever reason, neither one of us saw an issue with it being on our front porch (cement, open with a roof). But now that it's going, the smoke is finding it's way into our house. I now have a massive and instant headache  :(
  • @TalesOfASocialIntrovert we had a smoker at our appointment where we weren’t allowed “grills” but since it was electric we chanced it. One day the pellets got stuck and smoked like crazy! The maintenance guy asked if we were ok and i tried to play it off (I’m a horrible lier). Luckily i don’t think he reported us :neutral:
  • I'm in a cranky mood. Meal prepped and cleaned the fridge/freezer/kitchen, I'm spent. And DH was constantly in the way of me doing things in the kitchen, we have a small space so it's annoying. I'm mostly pissed off that Costco didn't have the take and bake pizza I wanted to have for dinner tonight and I don't like any of the pizza places close to home. Prego problems, I know...
  • @kissableviv I’m with ya on the cranky. DH has been outside most of the day staining a small fence and the BBQing while I’m inside cleaning house, laundry and dealing with DS. The minute i get to sit and enjoy watching my own show i get questioned by my FIL why I’m always watching sad movies or DH trying to guilt trip me into going outside to spend time with them. Can i have my alone time and watch whatever i want?? I so tired of cartoons and DHs food and car shows all the time. Also why can’t DH just suck boggers when i ask him to? I saw boogers all day and i can see DS rubbing his nose. FIL leaves tomorrow and kinda glad because he can be so judgmental on why we do certain things and why we moved to Colorado. I have no regrets but i so tired of hearing it. 
  • @kissableviv I’m also cranky bc I spent an hour making turkey pot pie and it came out dry even though I’ve made it a million times before. 
  • Thanks ladies! meds worked and I pushed through work woohoo! I splurged yesterday at lush and got their charcoal face wash bar. kind of spendy but they last forever and my face feels so clean after!! yay for the little things! 
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  • Glad I'm not the only cranky one:) sorry about the pie, @moguippy! Nothing worse than getting excited for a meal that doesn't turn out.
    I just stuffed my face with some tortellini with meat sauce and I'm feeling a little bit better about the lack of pizza 
  • @kissableviv oh you are so not the only crabby one haha hence why I am avoiding the drive by posts since my snark is more than likely to come out ;) haha 
    April Siggy Challenge Social Distancing

  • @wildtot I've been watching one tree Hill a weekend and no shame! You watch whatever makes you happy:) @lindsayleigh1989 I was quite annoyed at the drive by posts too...
  • What is it about pregnancy that causes the weirdest and most vivid dreams?? Last night I was on Air Force One on a game show with President Blake Shelton  :D
  • @tarheelgirl8 I may be wrong, but I think it's the progesterone. I have to take injections and supplements prior to getting pregnant and the wild dreams start up as soon as it starts building up in my system. Not 100% sure that's the real answer, but it sure does give me crazy vivid dreams
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