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Charlie’s Liquid Soap

I did a diaper rental which required I use a green soap so I used Charlie’s Soap which was recommended. I have since bought my own and continued my normal wash routine with Charlie’s. I have since learned about the issues people have with Charlie’s and would like to switch. What is the best route for this? Do I need to strip the diapers or can I do a few hot washes and switch to my new soap? Everything I find talks about the powdered form and I can’t find much about the liquid so I didn’t know! Any advice would be great!!

Re: Charlie’s Liquid Soap

  • lovesclimbinglovesclimbing member
    edited March 2018
    I'm not aware of any reason why you can't just start using a different soap. I'm really curious, why do you think you need to strip or hot wash lots in between? 

    There are different schools of thought, but I'm of the opinion that stripping is completely unnecessary for most people. 

    I have two sizes of fitteds - a larger "one size" and a smaller "one size." She wore the smaller for four months or so and has worn the larger for five months now. I've never stripped them. We have never had any absorption or smell issues. If you have a good wash routine and don't have super hard water, you shouldn't have to strip
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