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What did you choose?

I feel like I'm placing an amazon order every other day!

A lot of these things have been discussed at length in prior threads but I'm interested to see what everyone chose in regards to:
- Breast pump and accessories (supplements for milk supply, nipple cream)
- Nursing bras (if applicable)
- Bottles
- Storage bags for freezing milk (if applicable)
- Baby carriers (for wearing baby)
- Diaper bags
- Baby name(s)
- Anything else important!

Re: What did you choose?

  • Breast pump and accessories (supplements for milk supply, nipple cream):
    - I chose the Spectra2 this time around. I have the Medela Pump in Style all ready to go though as back-up. I did order the baby bottle threaders and Medela flange adapters to go with it on amazon.
    - I ordered a container of Solgar's brewers yeast supplement and Motherlove More milk plus. I'm determined to get my milk to come in this time!!
    - Nipple cream - Motherlove

    Nursing bras (if applicable) - I use the target maternity ones. Some are more like sports bras and others are shaped like a bra. We'll see what works.

    Bottles - Dr. Brown's all the way. I know there are more parts but they worked so well with our first I'm scared to try something else!

    Storage bags for freezing milk (if applicable) - haven't ordered any yet - looking for suggestions. I never made enough milk for my first so didn't have anything to freeze!

    Baby carriers (for wearing baby) - I got a hand-me-down Boba as well as a Baby Bjorn. I'll be honest, that Boba is intimidating me. I'm going to have watch some instructional videos on it.

    Diaper bags - I have several but a backpack seems to work best with my toddler.

    Baby name(s) - we are Team Green but Charles (Charlie) Martin for a boy and Charlotte Laine for a girl.

    Anything else important! - Guys, you're going to make fun of me for this but something I hate to do is put diaper cream on butts. So, I ordered a baby one of those little tiny bum spatulas! I'm oddly excited for it!

  • luna8433luna8433 member
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    Breast pump and accessories (supplements for milk supply, nipple cream) medella breast pump and bottles to go with and the storage bags 
    - Baby carriers (for wearing baby) my sister gave me a wrap but I don't know what brand and an infantano when she gets bigger.
    - Diaper bags got a few a my baby shower 
    - Baby name(s) Isabella not sure on the middle name but I am leaning towards Mae. My husband wants to spell it Izabella but our last name starts with Iz and I think it's too much. I also don't want her to be correcting the spelling her whole life.
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  • We have the spectra from my first baby and I loved it. 
    Most of the little stuff like bottles were barely used from dd so it just needs to be sanitized, she was very particular about bottles so it was only medela.   
    I used target bags but they had a tendency to leak if dropped at all. I heard the Lansinoh bags are supposed to be better, but I ep so couldn't afford to use them. 
    @btm013 I held off the first time on nursing bras and good thing because they grew substantially by bf. 
  • - Breast pump and accessories (supplements for milk supply, nipple cream)
    I'm not breast feeding so I didn't get anything for breastfeeding

    - Bottles 
    we still had bottles from DD so Dr Brown, Tommee Tippee, Gerber, some other random bottles

    - Baby carriers (for wearing baby)
    I got the Infantino Sash Wrap and Tie Baby Carrier

    - Diaper bags
    still have the one I used with DD it's a coach diaper bag.  I love it

    - Baby name(s)
    Benjamin Ryan

    - Anything else important!
    not that I can think of 


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  • - Breast pump and accessories (supplements for milk supply, nipple cream)
    I am still going to using my Medela.  I have two: one to keep at home and one to keep at work, when I return.  And will stick with the lansinoh nipple cream.  I used: Medela Contact Nipple Shield, Pumpin' Pal Angled Pumping Flanges and LactaMed Hands Free Pumping Bra Kit.  All of these were helpful when I used them the last time, although I only used them when needed.
    - Nursing bras (if applicable)
    I really like the Cake Lingerie Croissant Nursing Bra.  It has underwire, but I found that I needed underwire due to my large breast size.  I used nursing camis from Target when I was just lounging around the house.  I also always needed nursing pads.  I used both disposable and reusable ones.  I found it hard to get the disposable ones flat without any noticeable creases, so I often stuck with reusable ones.
    - Bottles 
    Will use Born Free bottles.
    - Storage bags for freezing milk (if applicable)
    I use the lansinoh milk bags, which I have had no problems with.
    - Baby carriers (for wearing baby)
    I had a Baby K'tan for my first and never felt totally comfortable in it.  I was always worried about baby being in the right position, so I didn't use it a whole lot.  This time around, I got an Ergo Omni 360 (on sale through Amazon).  
    - Diaper bags
    Ended up with a Lassig Glam Goldie Backpack which has a ton of space and is a ton better then my old SkipHop crossbody.
    - Baby name(s)
    Leaning towards Bexlie Brynn, but won't make a final decision until she is here.
    - Anything else important!
    Not that I can think of!
  • -Breast pump and accessories (supplements for milk supply, nipple cream): I haven't purchased it yet, but I plan on using a Spectra pump. I've never breastfed before, so I haven't purchased any supplements for milk supply, etc.. I figured it would be smarter to wait and see what issues come up and address them then. 
    - Nursing bras (if applicable): I have no idea of the brand. Something cheap and comfortable from Target, LOL!
    - Bottles: We registered for the Tommee Tippee Pump and Go starter set. It comes with storage bags. 
    - Baby carriers (for wearing baby): I prefer a sling ring, which I purchased from Vlokup. My husband wanted something more "traditional", so he opted for a Chicco front infant carrier.
    - Diaper bags: I registered for a Kelty brand backpack style bag. 
    - Baby name(s): We are going with Brady William. It's a secret, not even our parents know the name!
    - Anything else important!: I've seen several people ask this, so just thought I'd share our plans... we plan on having baby sleep in our room in a pack n' play at the foot of our bed, at least until he is sleeping through the night before transitioning to his crib. My thought it is that this will be the most practical setup while I am breastfeeding. 

    Me: 29 DH: 35

    Married 5/3/14, TTC ever since

    DX: Lean PCOS, Clomid resistant

    Femara 7.5 + Ovidrel = BFP! Due 4/15/18

  • @klburke88 I don't plan on any supplements, I did really well the last time producing.  The main thing that I noticed was if I didn't drink enough than my supply went down.  
  • Breast pump and accessories (supplements for milk supply, nipple cream) 
    I an going with medela for my pump and I received their storage bags free with my insurance so that I have a couple different brands of nipple cream I receive at my shower we will see what works best. 

    - Nursing bras (if applicable)- I bought target tank nursing tanks for when I am home and you lingerie plus a bravado

    - Bottles- dr brownsis what we have so hoping those work if not we will try a different brand 

    - Storage bags for freezing milk (if applicable)- madela

    - Baby carriers (for wearing baby)- ergo 360 

    - Diaper bags- tactical baby gear backpack style. 

    - Baby name(s)- Giddeon Dean

    - Anything else important!- @btm013 I also have a spatula for babies bum. also I went with the chicco keyfit seat. 
  • - Breast pump and accessories (supplements for milk supply, nipple cream):
    *I used a Medela Pump and Style last time and this time I ordered a Spectra, because I have heard such good things! My medela still works fine, and I get a free pump with each baby so it will be nice to have two, and my old one just in case I don't like the Spectra. I also bought the adapter pieces for the Spectra so I can use my Medela pumping stuff too.

    *I did not need any nipple cream stuff last time, so I have no idea about it. A co-worker gave me a bottle she never used from Medela so I guess i'll use that if I need to :) 

    - Nursing bras (if applicable): I exclusively pumped last time, so I really didn't have to worry about nursing bras but I have a couple cheapos from Walmart, for this time, that i've found and target one I wore post pregnancy w DD a lot. 

    - Bottles: I have a ton of Medela ones, so I hope my new little one likes those! Just need to get them washed, sanitized and put away :) --One of the last things on my list.

    - Storage bags for freezing milk (if applicable): I used Lansinoh last time, but never produced enough to freeze much so probably have some of those lefts, and a friend gave me a box of Parents Choice so I will use those too If I need.

    - Baby carriers (for wearing baby): I bought a used  Tula I believe, I am excited to baby wear more with this one because last time I didn't have a good one and so I just didn't really do it. But with a toddler running around too..it might be a must.

    - Diaper bags: I have a Vera Bradley one that I bought for DD so I will use that! Its super cute, has a changing pad and plenty of pockets! I think i would prefer a backpack now that I know more, but I'm not going to buy another diaper bag just because. 

    - Baby name(s): We are keeping our ideas secret, which I love! (Last time we got too many un-wanted opinions) but we really haven't even decided on one for sure! 

    - Anything else important!: I have started stock piling some diapers/wipes for one the baby gets here just so I don't have to worry about having my husband pick them up at the store. I only got one little pack of newborns though, then whatever is left when we leave the hospital...I remember having to get a few packs when DD was little though..so I can't decide if I want to buy a box to have just in case or not. Also, everything is washed and ready to go for my new LO. The nesting is STRONG this pregnancy.
  • - Breast pump and accessories (supplements for milk supply, nipple cream): With my first I used Medela Pump in Style. Since insurance pays for one per year (or per baby?) I'll get another, but not sure which brand as I still have to find a list of covered pumps for my insurance. For nipple cream, I really like Earth Mama Angel Baby Nipple Butter (very smooth going on, and can be used as moisturizer as well).
    - Nursing bras (if applicable): I liked the clip down bras much more than the ones without clips. I tried the ones without clips for sleep bras but for some reason felt like I had to hold the bra from riding back up when nursing. For day time bras I liked Jessica Simpson seamless clip down bra (no wire, no separate padding, but thick enough cup where a nursing pad didn't show through). I didn't like ones that had a little pad insert because I felt like they roamed too much and looked too lumpy. 36C nursing size bra, so didn't need a lot of support or shopping around luckily.
    - Bottles: I used Kiinde (found on Amazon). The idea is you pump directly into the storage bag that has a twist top on it. You can then twist the nipple directly onto the storage bag and there's a bottle cover to put over it so you're not just holding the bag when feeding baby. The kit also comes with a bottle warmer, so that was a nice bonus. Plan to use this again assuming LO takes to it.
    - Storage bags for freezing milk (if applicable): The Kiinde storage pouches mentioned above. Never had a leak issue. They are tricky to see how much is in the pouch, so I'd pump into a Medela bottle, then pour what I needed for each bottle into each pouch then labeled the pouches before putting in the fridge/freezer.
    - Baby carriers (for wearing baby): We have a Moby Wrap, Baby K'Tan, and a Lillebaby carrier for a structured carrier. My DD wasn't a big fan overall of carriers so we didn't use them a lot. Mostly when she was a younger baby. Hoping to get more use though with LO after he arrives, especially to help with freeing hands to wrangle a toddler/pre-schooler. For the Moby Wrap it helped to attend a baby wearing event that was going on at a local lactation consultant / baby store. Got one-on-one attention to teach me how to use it.
    - Diaper bags: Originally had a shoulder type bag with DD which was OK, however we ended up switching to a back pack style because the shoulder bag kept swinging to the front or off our shoulder when having to bend down to get something or pick up DD.
    - Baby name(s): Waiting for him to be born before telling the name. P.S. Boy names are hard!!!
    - Anything else important! This baby butt spatula thing is sounding more and more tempting try out! ;)
  • -Breast pump and accessories (supplements for milk supply, nipple cream)
    Medela Pump in Style. Used it with both of my girls and exclusively breastfeed them both so I'm sticking with what I know. I have 2. An older one I used in the past and a new one my insurance just covered. Never used nipple cream. In my experience if the baby has a correct latch you won't need it.

    - Nursing bras (if applicable)
    I have a ton still from Motherhood from nursing my girls. Wore them through both pregnancies and 19 months nursing both girls. Just got a few more because there was a buy 3 get 1 free deal. Highly recommend.

    - Bottles 
    Medela, I can literally pump the milk directly into the bottles.

    - Storage bags for freezing milk (if applicable)
    Medela, again I can literally pump the milk directly into the bags.

    - Baby carriers (for wearing baby)
    Right now I have a katan but plan on purchasing a OMNI Ergo eventually.

    - Diaper bags
    I got the back pack carrier. HaloVa brand.

    - Baby name
    We are going with Beckett Daniel 
  • stardustskiesstardustskies member
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    - Breast pump and accessories (supplements for milk supply, nipple cream) spectra s2, motherlove nipple cream, Earth Mama Angel Baby organic milkmaid tea
    - Nursing bras kindred bravely
    - Bottles Avent anti colic
    - Storage bags for freezing milk (if applicable) lansinoh
    - Baby carriers (for wearing baby) Lillebaby Airflow
    - Diaper bags wallaroo
    - Baby name(s) Either Jacob or Wyatt
    - Anything else important!


  • Breast pump and accessories (supplements for milk supply, nipple cream): 
    I still have a Medela Pump in Style from last pregnancy. With my first DD I had supply issues from the start and eventually discovered mother's milk tea, fenugreek, and steel cut oatmeal mixed with a little flax seed and honey. I've been using Lansinoh nipple cream but feel like my nipples are beyond help!

    Nursing bras (if applicable)
    Now that baby is already here, I'm reminded how much I absolutely hated my bras last time. I need to find better ones.

    We are reusing the Avent Natural bottles from before and baby seems to not mind.

    Storage bags for freezing milk (if applicable) 
    I used Target's version last time but I'm hearing now that they changed some and leak now. I haven't gotten any yet. I may have to spend the money on Lansinoh ones because there's nothing worse than wasted breastmilk!

    Baby carriers (for wearing baby)
    I have a Moby and an Ergo barely used from last time that I'll retry.

    Diaper bags 
    I have a typical shoulder bag that we use daily still for DD so just adding more stuff to that and a backpack that I actually used as a pump bag to take it to work.

    Baby name(s) 
    Ella Grace

    Married April 9, 2011
    TTC since October 2011
    Me 34, DH 40

    IUI #5 w/ Tamoxifen+Ovidrel+Acupuncture Oct 24, 2014-->BFP!!! EDD July 17, 2015. Panorama=low risk...and it's a GIRL!
    DD born July 10, 2015
    Trying for baby #2!
    IUI #1 w/ Tamoxifen+Ovidrel+Acupuncture July 10, 2017-->BFP!!! EDD Apr 2, 2018. Panorama=low risk...and another GIRL!

    BabyFetus Ticker
  • - Breast pump and accessories (supplements for milk supply, nipple cream)
    So far, we've got the pump. I have the Spectra S2 and it came in the mail yesterday yay!
    Also have some Lansinoh cream, but will be ordering more stuff based on this thread and more and more research  (never ends !)

    - Nursing bras (if applicable)
    I have one from motherhood maternity, But will probably wait and see what my boobs do before investing in a lot of them. 

    - Bottles 
    We got the avent natural coming (I think) also have a few others laying around for testing the brands and the ones that came with the pump (as you can tell I still don't even know what I don't know lol)

    - Storage bags for freezing milk (if applicable) : unsure yet !

    - Baby carriers (for wearing baby)
    I have a boba wrap which I've already tested out and love, hopefully LO loves it just as much !
    DF had an ergo baby that were also super excited about.
    - Diaper bags
    We ended up with 7 post baby shower. Currently in the process of deciding which ones to keep but I LOVE this coral off brand one from amazon. 

    - Baby name(s)
    Delaney Jade

    - Anything else important!
  • - Breast pump and accessories (supplements for milk supply, nipple cream)
     I have the Spectra S2 
     no nipple cream yet but my baby shower is actually at 37 weeks! I know my family bought a ton of stuff
    - Nursing bras (if applicable)
    I have one from amazon I like and one from
    kohls that is cross cross , But will probably wait and see what my boobs do before stocking up. 

    - Bottles 
    We got the dr Browns in pink. I love those 

    - Storage bags for freezing milk (if applicable) : unsure yet !

    - Baby carriers (for wearing baby)
    I have a  wrap and an infantino carrier in chadcoal grey 
    - Diaper bags
    None yet  but baby shower is coming up the 24th. 

    - Baby name(s)
    Tatum Jolie 

    - Anything else important!
  • Pump-
    I went through https://thebreastfeedingshop.com/ and chose the highly-recommended Medela. Pump and A TON of accessories were covered by insurance and I paid $0. This included replacement parts, 300 storage bags, 6 storage bottles and a travel bag. I’m soooo pleased!
    Nursing Bras-
    FINALLY found a 4 pack of bras that are comfortable and stretchy to grow and shrink with my ever-changing cup size. Decent support and good shape. 
    iLoveSia on Amazon. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND! And they are 4 for under $25!
  • OK so here are the additional products I ordered after DD's arrival that I am obsessed with!!!!!!

    Milk Catcher - Similar to the haakaa.
    No joke, the milk catcher is working better than my breast pump. You suction it on to the opposite breast baby is nursing on and it catches the let down. Initially I was worried it was draining my breast so I only lightly suction. BUT after baby is finished nursing, I really suction it on that side to drain the breast of any remaining milk and then I do the same on the other side once she's completed the feed. I'm catching 2-4 oz a feed!!! I already have a great stash and she's only 2 weeks old and I'm not even using my free pump. I occasionally use it after I shower too as I tend to leak.

    Nursing bras:
    Don't be turned off by the off-brand name! These are great quality!!

    Brewers Yeast:
    Hands down the best tasting brewers yeast. I put this in everything and the taste is not bitter!

  • @btm013 if I'm understanding it right you use the manual pump after the baby is done feeding in the breast and when the let down comes on the other? Correct? I have a pretty strong letdown (well I did with my girls). Might be something I would use a lot!
  • I lightly suction it on to the breast she hasn’t fed on yet to catch the let downs. If I suction it hard then I feel like it empties it. Once baby is done feeding on the opposite side then I will suction it hard to drain whatever is leftover. Then I will repeat on the other side once she’s done feeding.
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