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After baby is born, I can't wait to...

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Re: After baby is born, I can't wait to...

  • Ditto to all of that. I could add eating sushi and lunch meat. Also for my sciatic nerve to not hurt all the time and sore muscles. And walk without waddling. 
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  • I've been mostly on the March board (due at tail end of March). I'm soooo looking forward to sleeping on my back! Also, getting rid of this horrible heartburn and being able to hold my toddler close to me on my lap without the huge belly bump.

    Going to have a repeat c-section, so I'm definitely not looking forward to getting in/out of bed after that (for me it was worse than while pregnant).
  • Having lots of pain-free sex again!! It's just awkward, uncomfortable and boring at the moment.
    The feeling of her head butting my cervix is awful. I'm looking forward to that not happening anymore. 
    I agree with everything else you said @btm013.

  • @luna8433 I literally gave up on that sushi/no lunch meat rule. I followed it accordingly with my first but this pregnancy has been a free for all.
  • @btm013 there was a point in this pregnancy I was going to eat a sandwich but my husband talked me out of it. Then the next day I read an article about a Listeria outbreak in some other foods. So I have stayed away. :'(
  • I am so excited to sleep on my tummy again. that was literally the first thing I said this morning to my husband. also being able to walk from my basement to my upstairs without being winded. last thing is something that s totally weird but I can't wait is being able to pull all the clothes out of the washer and put them in the dryer. last week with how short I am and how big my belly is I can no longer reach the bottom of the washer. so i constantly have to ask for help and its annoying.
  • I'm there with you!! Obv it won't happen for 6wks or so after depending on how my body handles delivery. 
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  • HAHahaha @riversdoctor yes!! A million times yes. 
  • Omg yes. I cannot wait to have my body back. To stop having mood swings. And to be touched again by my better half. I'm into in this mood that I don't want to be touched and I'm finding out that I've been mean with it when speaking to my mate. I seem to be not happy a lot due to the uncomfortability of the baby putting a lot of pressure on me down there. I don't mind having a child I just wish that I don't have to go through the nine-month stage. We've decided no more kids after this one she is our last.
  • Eat raw cookie dough! And brownie batter! And everything else that contains raw eggs and is meant to be cooked!
  • I can't wait to go to one of the many breweries where we live and have a couple tasty beers. As someone who went out *way too much* prepregnancy, I am a little curious as to how my body will respond to alcohol compared to how it did before. 

    Also can't wait to start running again and climbing again.  I'm used to being a fitness fanatic and I'd fallen off for a couple months. My body was still in good enough shape that I think has REALLY helped with this pregnancy but it definitely could have been better!
  • @priestess619 I made that mistake with my first. My goal was once I got to 3rd trimester I would give myself an out and just walk if needed. I started out slower this pregnancy but still running and doing cardio at 33 weeks. I know I won't be able to keep it up till the end but hoping it's just a month lapse instead of 2. 
  • @rklinge0 I've been pretty non active since about 32 weeks and flip between "this is the only time in my life I feel okay doing this" and "how will I ever get back to where I was". Great job at running so late in the game, I tried to start again consistently at 28-ish weeks and realized that hurt A LOT  :D . I know it'll be there after though and I'm eating okay and walking/stretching heaps.
  • Stretch with my toes pointed down without getting a terrible charlie horse...
  • @Radishes YESSSSSS!!! I miss my morning stretch!
  • Bend down, sleep on my stomach, have a DRINK, eat sushi, eat raw cake batter, have dippy eggs, stop crying over everything and  nothing, have no heartburn and be able to eat Italian and Mexican food again. 
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    Eat a rare steak, soft boiled duck eggs, sleep on my stomach and go places without finding a toilet before I sit down
  • Sushi. I craved it pretty consistently these past 9 months and I am dying for a spicy tuna roll.
  • Raw oysters, sushi, champagne, an ice cold beer, soft cheeses, Nighty Night tea (seriously, it's like we can't have anything....) and simple things like taking an Advil or some Nyquil when I'm sick.... just simple basic things... Oh and COFFEE!! I mean a Venti Cold Brew every morning, I dreeeeeam about it....
  • I can't wait to stop snoring so much! My other half gets so frustrated with it that he wakes me up and tells me to shush  :D I wake myself snoring like miss piggy! 
    I'd like some sex as I've said before. That would be quite nice  :) and a glass of wine that usually leads to it....
  • Getting to eat whatever I want! At the moment my worst cravings include turkey subs from Subway, ready-made guacamole, ginger ale (you aren't supposed to have anything to do with ginger here if you're pregnant) and licorice. Also being able to put cream cheese on my bread and getting to have stuff like pre-made salads and gelato when I eat out.
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  • @stemgirl11...... wait.... Where do you live that you can't have ginger stuff when you're pregnant? That's only every preggo girl's go-to saving grace during trimester 1. I cant imagine not having had ginger tea during those nauseous days. And what's up with guacamole and licorice and gelato? Why would any of those things be off the table? I'm just curious, never heard anyone abstain from those before...
  • @stemgirl11 I literally ate everything this pregnancy - sushi, lunch meat, soft cheeses, etc. Baby is fine! Plus you are so close to the end - just have the sub! 
  • @RiverWhispering As far as food restrictions go, we’re recommended to follow CDC recs + some  additional, local ones. Ginger and licorice are straight up in the local recs. There are more than those two, but these have been the most difficult ones for me. Both can apparently have adverse effects on the baby’s brain development.
    I have a friend who freaked out completely after we’d been out and had alcohol-free ginger ale/lemon juice drinks when she was like 6 weeks pregnant. It is really strange that in many countries nauseous pregnant women use ginger-containing products on a regular basis and then here they tell you not to have it at all.

    The guacamole and gelato (depending a little on what’s used to make it) are basically in the same category as pre-sliced fruit etc. So potential listeria contamination after/during slicing/packaging. 

    @btm013 Interestingly enough, they only added deli meats to the “foods to avoid” list this month here. The reason they decided to add it was a recent listeria finding in pre-packed and sliced ham or turkey. They didn’t do any callbacks because the amount of listeria found was so small that it can only be dangerous to people with poor immunity and pregnant women.

    And even now they’re not strictly forbidden, but it’s recommended that you heat them properly and only eat from the package for a day or two after it’s been opened (which leads to an insane amount of food waste unless you have a SO or kids who can keep eating it), regardless of the “use-by” date. So I’ve been eating lunch meat for 8 months, and only stoppped a week ago. There’s no way I’m going to effing cook my breakfast sandwich every morning. So glad they didn’t have these recommendations in the fall when I was nauseous and couldn’t eat any meat except for deli meats for 2 months! 

    Raw/runny eggs aren’t forbidden here, either, because food hygiene in general is so good and the risk for salmonella is nonexistent. I haven’t eaten runny eggs, but I have eaten mayo.
    Me & DH: 28
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