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Low Progesterone

Hi, I was wondering if anyone here has experience taking Crinone during early pregnancy with really low levels. Im currently six weeks and, after some bleeding , the doctor took blood to test for low progesterone and  prescribed Crinone (a progesterone supplement) in case my progesterone was low, so I started taking it in Friday. Last night I got the results of the progesterone test and my levels were SO LOW, 2.3, which is lower than if I was not pregnant. I think it’s because I recently had a mirena removed. I’ve been using Crinone for three days now, and my husband reminded me that I’m doing everything I can to raise the levels, but I’m so stressed. Has anyone here had low progesterone early in pregnancy and had success raising their progesterone levels with this drug?

Re: Low Progesterone

  • Did no one ever respond on this?? What ended up happening? Hopefully everything is just fine! But for the next woman reading this... What I do know is that my RE (Reproductive Endocrinologist), Dr. William Kutteh in Memphis, TN, is a world-renowned RPL (Recurrent Pregnancy Loss) expert, and he prescribes only Progesterone vaginal suppositories for his patients once they are pregnant, typically 100mg 2x/day. Unfortunately, when you're pregnant and diagnosed with low Progesterone it can be too late, so ALL of his pregnant patients are prescribed these suppositories. Many insurance plans do not cover these compounded drugs, but I was able to purchase them from Lacey's Pharmacy in Marietta, GA (where I moved to) for about $65 for the full 6 weeks (from when you find out you're pregnant at about 4 weeks gestation until 10 weeks gestation when you don't need added Progesterone anymore.) I hope this helps someone!
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