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Milestone Monday

LO had his first "real" poop, that's a milestone right? I guess he's ingesting more than I thought! He's finally shuddering less when he takes a bite of food, getting used to weird textures. So far we've tried oatmeal with berries, bananas, variety of other fruits, scrambled eggs, hummus, baked and mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, roasted zucchini...I think that covers it. This morning he seemed to actually enjoy his banana, not just explore and shudder when it ends up in his mouth so making progress. 
How's everyone else doing?
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Re: Milestone Monday

  • How fun that he is starting to enjoy it! I am glad you mentioned eggs. I did not think if that option. 

    LO wants to taste food, but is not very interested in eating much. She had some mucus and water diapers For a few weeks, so I cut her foods back and am slowly expanding again. She eats bits of sweet potato, pear, apple, pumpkin, squash, carrot, avocado, and most cereal. She is more interested in cups right now. 
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  • LO has his first stomach bug! Vomiting and then diarrhea for 4 days! Stopped food to give his stomach some time to feel better, so until today, was only doing bottles. 
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  • @WeddingNotes13 Eggs were great, because it was so easy for him to eat. I think now is more about exploring and getting them used to new flavors and textures. I think it can take up to 20 tries before they like something! Careful with mucus, I read that could be a sign of an allergy. 

    @Cynth0104 Oh no, hope he feels better soon!
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  • LO has 2 teeth now and has started biting me while nursing. Yesterday he actually drew blood. Any advice on how to defer this behavior? I’ve started a pull off and wait method. I know that if he’s super talkative, he just wants to play.

    On Sunday LO has his first vomiting episode. It was horrendous. He vomited once, we both changed clothes, then he vomited again right after we both changed...

    We aren’t sure what caused it, but we were worried he was getting the flu because his big brother came down with the flu on Thursday and was down for 4 days. We think that maybe the teething wafer we gave him caused it, we can’t be entirely sure unless I replicate the food he ate. I have a suspicion he has a problem with rice as he did poorly with rice cereal and any foods with rice cereal mixed in. He doesn’t show allergic reactions or anything though.

    I gave his system 24 hours to settle down. He hasn’t had any other vomiting episodes. 
  • @cielaw89 Hope LO feels better soon. We have no teeth yet but I read some people push their LO's face into their chest until they unlatch. My mom said she plucked out cheeks and sternly said no and we never did it again. 
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  • CPR79CPR79 member
    @cielaw89 I've only had this happen once or twice, but I say "no" very sternly, unlatch him and switch sides.  I've heard people say to put them down and walk away just for a minute and they'll get the picture.  For me, it only happens when he's really just playing towards the end, still hurts quite a bit though!
  • @cielaw89- no advice here! LO bit me 3 times and that’s when I started to wean. He was biting in the morning so I cut that feeding out and only fed him at night. He didn’t bite at night. I think because he was too tired! I know weaning isn’t for everyone. More power to you girls who can overcome the biting! 
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