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Influenza A

hi ladies ! 

My 19 month old has influenza a and my OB put me on tamiflu to try and prevent me from getting it. 

Im so nervous about getting it and something happening to the baby. Anyone experience this ? 

Im 9 weeks today 

Re: Influenza A

  • Our household just got over the flu, luckily it was quick but rough. The baby is very protected in there so try not to worry. I had food poisoning with my first and doc told me it won't affect baby, just awful for mom.

    The biggest thing would be dehydration. Make sure you are getting plenty of fluids and keeping most of them down and you should be OK. 

    I hope you escape the flu! GL :)
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  • I was put on tamiflu and didn't get sick when the rest of m my family did, BUT I was insane with washing my hands. Wouldn't share anything with the kids, just tried my best to not get sick. Good luck!!
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  • @hellopartyof5 ya, I’m wearing a mask and washing my hands constantly 
  • everything I've read online says tamiflu is fine. DD was diagnosed with the flu the day I got BFP, so I was super paranoid. Luckily with extreme amounts of hand washing and sanitizing everything she touched, DH and I avoided it. The mask should help too! Hope your LO gets over this soon
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  • Thank you ladies ! You helped calm my nerves 
  • I work in an urgent care center where we see flu all day long. I won't even go into a room after a patient with flu has been in there for a while before I wipe it down. My OB told me to make sure I wear a mask if the patient isn't wearing one, wash my hands extra and if I felt it was needed to call for a script for tamiflu and that they wouldn't even have to see me for it which is awesome! 
  • I was exposed to Flu B at the height of flu season and my OB’s office told me to go to urgent care or an ER.  I was like “seriously?  I’m not sick, just exposed- why would I go into a place that is seeing many patients who are sick every day and further expose myself?”

    I ended up seeing a doc via telemedicine who was able to give me a Tamiflu script. I’m so glad that option was available.  
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