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March symptoms

How are we feeling as we get closer to holding our babies?

Re: March symptoms

  • A couple days ago I had contractions at night, possibly from dehydration, but it was after extracurricular activities, so I'm.on pelvic rest for the next month :( boo 
    Starting to feel anxious and getting plans ready for the step kids and my kids back up plans for labor. Cloth diapers are ready, going to a few consignment sales for some last minute stuff in the next few weekends. Pretty sure Spud is going to come earlier than his big brother, hopefully no earlier than 37w! I want my second homebirth dangit!!
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  • Headaches and heartburn mostly. She's really low now, and pain seems to have shifted from my lower back to my pelvis. Feeling BH more now but nothing painful !

    @8bithearts DF has pretty much put us on pelvis rest after some extracurriculars landed me in the same spot. Doctors okayed it but he's a little freaked out, poor dude, but boo is right !
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  • @knuttyplus2 congrats on the babies! Hope they are doing well !
  • @knuttyplus2 how exciting for you. how is everyone doing
  • Congrats @knuttyplus2, great to hear everyone is doing great. 
  • I got heartburn today from drinking water.
  • @luna8433 me too!! Everything sets off my heartburn. I could have cried the other night because I had it so bad and my partner was sleeping soundly.

    I have this awful 'pressure' down there constantly like she could fall out! I've noticed that she genrally feels a lot bigger. Im meassuring two weeks ahead with her.
    Sharp pains down there too which is a little uncomfortable  :|

  • I am so tired! I feel like i could sleep for days but I am so uncomfortable when I have to move it always wakes me up.
    Also my emotions are on high alert this weekend. had a full on melt down about my brother. we will be doing a baby blessing for my sweet boy when he gets here and have tried to get 3 days to work with both my side and my husband's side of the family and my brother can't make any of them work. I am feeling so heart broken. He is my twin and I feel like he doesn't understand how important it is for me to have him there.
  • @sunshine27shy I feel you on finding the perfect date for everyone. With my parents job only one of them can come. I would like to have the blessing on memorial day weekend so my family has more time to travel, but that is a busy weekend for my parents to run there business alone. After talking with them they told me not to worry about them and do what's best for me. It's still hard to make those decisions though.
  • Hemorrhoids!! They literally just reared thier ugly head and I'm 35 weeks. It's been awful today. I can barely sit. So painful. Gotta get these in check before I have to push out this baby!!! 
  • I don’t know if I’m describing this right, but I feel like I’m just constantly about to start my period. I’m guessing this is what they are talking about when they speak of Braxton Hicks...
    not looking forward to 5 more weeks of being abused on the inside by this little rib-jousting ninja. 
  • jkatkins said:
    Hemorrhoids!! They literally just reared thier ugly head and I'm 35 weeks. It's been awful today. I can barely sit. So painful. Gotta get these in check before I have to push out this baby!!! 
    Definitely get some tucks, and this is going to sound crazy but you may find some relief by taking some coconut or jojoba oil and a gloved finger and gently “massaging” the veins in and back to a comfortable place. My aunt who is an RN told me about this, although I haven’t had to deal with hemorrhoids yet, thank goodness. 
  • @jkatkins I've had them with all three of my pregnancies and they are very unpleasant. Mine end up back where they came from thanks to a glove! (Sooo Gross, sorry!) But I find they just cause so many problems if not.

    @tmhallam I've had the same period pains too. I had them all the way through with my previous two kiddo so it's normal for me.

  • @tmhallam yes using, tucks, prep H and Epsom salt baths. Not getting much relief yet but hoping something changes. 

    @midnight-muse what is 'the glove'? I will try anything! Im desperate!! Was up most of the night in tears because it was so bad!!
  • @jkatkins maybe ask your OB if she will prescribe you a hydrocortisone cream or find one of equal strength over the counter. When I had them (TMI) they were itchy! ugh. It was awful. But that cream was instant relief.
  • @jkatkins by “the glove” I believe she is also referring to gently massaging or pushing them back in to a comfortable place. Gross but recommended by a lot of medical professionals. 
  • @midnight-muse @tmhallam @btm013 thanks for all your advice. My OB attempted 'the glove' method at my appointment. It worked for a second and was super painful but as soon as I sat up they popped back out. They are pretty massive and large so she didn't think it was last. She did give me a bunch of this stuff called analpram (nice name. Lol). It's hydrocortisone cream and lidocaine mixed together. It seems to work a little at times. Like throughout the day I'll be in less pain than I was but they are still huge!! Hoping they start shrinking soon because I can't imagine them getting worse when I deliver!! I'm also measuring 4 weeks ahead I'm technically only 35 weeks but measuring 39 in fundal height so I'm thinking this baby is just really big. Getting an ultrasound Tuesday to see. Hoping I'll be induced by like 38 weeks because I don't know how much more I can handle being pregnant! 
  • @jkatkins sorry I didn't make it very clear about the disposable glove method. And I'm sorry it didn't work for you. I understand how painful and itchy they can get. I know mine will get worse during labour but they soon shrink and are easier to get back inside after baby is born. (Don't you just love the gross side of pregnancy!?) I genuinely think the pain and pressure in that area was worse than the baby crowning  :# fingers crossed that cream helps.
  • Just a little over 2 weeks until I'm due and I have thrush  :| I'm so annoyed because I haven't had it at all during this pregnancy. The most annoying thing ever!!!
  • @midnight-muse I had no idea you can get thrush before you deliver! .....now watch I just jinxed myself and get thrush. haha. Feel better!
  • @btm013 thank you! I've worked myself up because there is a chance the baby can contract oral thrush from the birth :s Fingers crossed the treatment works :/ 
  • Had my first "could this be labor" (pre-emptive) freakout last night. Period like cramping, lower back and upper leg pain. Not timeable, not overly painful, but super uncomfy and super new. Took a while to get rid of it and I'm sure it's all a normal part of my body getting ready so that part is exciting !
  • @priestess619 same! I'm having my third baby and I still wonder if I'm going into labor with the period cramps and back ache! I'm sure it will all come flooding back to me when I'm truly in labor  :D
  • @midnight-muse definitely made the "I have less than 20 days left" really real. Excited for the real thing, and very curious as to how my body will react to real labor. My fiance literally spent a few hours of last night going "you might be in labor" all excitedly which was hilarious. it really wasn't bad, just the first cramping I've had the entire pregnancy  :D
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    @priestess619 my other half looks like a cat caught in head lights when I get pain. I can honestly say that I had to Google 'what do contractions feel like?' the other day because I couldn't remember! :D The body is a marvellous thing and it amazes me how much pain it can withstand. It's all worth it when you get to hold this tiny thing you have made  :)
  • @midnight-muse this is my third baby too and I'm still on high alert when I have the aches, pains, cramps like 'is this the start of labor?'. Was the same with my other 2 but I know once it comes I'll just know!! 
  • I never really went into labor with my first bc my water broke and when contractions didn’t start they administered pitocin. So, I feel like I’m new to the whole “is what I’m feeling more than just a Braxton Hicks?!” With the pitocin it was intense right away. I really would love to know what it’s like to have my body do exactly what it’s meant to do...start contracting on it’s own, progress on its own, dilate on its own! It seems rare to hear of a woman going into labor and not having any interventions! 
  • @btm013 with my first I went into labor on my own. Light period like cramping at first that was on and off throughout the night so didn't think much of it. Then early morning I woke up with super intense pain in my back and stomach. It took my breath away and my stomach tightened so obviously contractions. Anyways I'd have a contraction then get like a 5-10 minute break and it would happen again. They were bearable but just really intense. From my understanding and experience the pitocin just makes them more intense and faster. They ended up giving me pitocin once I got to the hospital and that's exactly what happened. I wonder if they would have just let me be and not speed up the process if it would have been easier?? With my second my water broke on its own and I literally had back to back contractions with no break and 1.5 hours later she was here. I'll take that again although literally at the time I felt like I was going to die just because it was so quick!!
  • @jkatkins your second birth is like #birthgoals lol
  • oh my goodness so much mucus today not bloody or any off colors or smells but they is a lot. 
  • So much heartburn and cramping and much lower baby this morning. Getting closer !
  • Heartburn
    Lower backache (period-like pain)
    Pelvic pain
    Joint pain (fingers)
    Swollen ankles and feet at night
    Me & DH: 28
    EDD #1: 4/2018
  • I'm sure I had my show this morning and so is my midwife.
    I've had constant back ache and period cramps since losing it. The pain has got worse and I gave up timing my irregular contractions. I think I'm close :D
  • I feel you guys on the back/join pain/general pain. I hurt everywhere after thinking it would be cool to try and work yesterday. Even my elbow joints were hurting
  • @itsrandiyo right?!? I lucked out. I got an epidural right at the end and literally right after they gave it to me I was ready to push. I was probably at least 8cm to complete they said. Probably shouldn't have given to me. Oh well! 1 push and she was out. I honestly don't remember pushing her. I think she just slid out. Lol. 
  • Looks like my blood pressure meds may be finally failing to control my BP. Been sitting at 120s and 130s/ mid 80s the entire pregnancy but had readings of 140s/90s practically all day today.  Called the on-call doctor who explained that 150 systolic  was my magic number  to go directly into L&D (since I've already been diagnosed with gestational hypertension), which I've never seen for me so hopefully that does not happen! Anyone have any experience with this ? 
  • Today is my due date and I've had cramps for a week now.. but other than that, no sign baby will be here any time soon. I'm getting so impatient! 
  • Anybody else have slightly itchy and painful heels? I think it's from the slight swelling and (added weight of course) but I definitely didn't have this last pregnancy.... Wondering if anyone else is experiencing that?
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