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BPA-Free baby bottles

Hey everyone - I'm not trying to scare anyone or change minds, but I wanted to give you a heads up about something interesting I heard at a lecture today. I work at a fairly prestigious university and occasionally have an opportunity to sit in on scientific lectures, particularly those relating to biology, chemistry, and engineering (mind you, I have an English Literature degree, so most of these things make very little sense to me unless explained in terms I can understand). Today's lecturer is doing research on electrochemical biosensors - tools that enable scientists to test for all matter of DNA- and RNA-based materials, including cancer, as well as bacteria and viruses. She happened to mention that one of the tools they had used was to measure the amount of hormone-disrupting material in both baby formula (leached into the powder via the lining of the can) as well as "BPA-Free" plastic baby bottles.

As many of you probably know, BPA disrupts the endocrine system, specifically acting like an estrogen. The tests they did on BPA-free plastic bottles determined that there was still a high amount of hormone-disrupting chemical compound in the plastic. She said since her lab didn't make the bottles she couldn't know what material was causing the chemical to still exist in the plastic, but the upshot is that even BPA-free bottles are not free from these chemicals. Now, in fairness she did say that these levels were measured after microwaving the bottle, not heating in hot water or a bottle warmer, so I'm not sure if the same results would stand if a different heat source was used. But, food for thought that I wanted to share in case anyone is considering glass bottles (like I have been). They did measure the plastic ones against glass bottles and the glass, of course, had zero of these chemicals.

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  • Thanks for sharing! I've also been leaning toward glass and this is good to know.

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    I was planning to try a glass style and maybe a silicone one?  Would that be another safe option?  The plastic squeaks me out, too.

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  • @BusinessWife I think silicone should be fine; they do make baking pans out of it and there is medical-grade silicone, but clearly I don't know what happens when you heat it up. It's really to each their own - I know most babies in the mid-1980s and onward (and even now!) use plastic, but there is a definite trend of reduced fertility for men that has been documented, and even women. The things we do to ourselves in the name of softer plastics... le sigh.
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  • Has anyone tried the joovy ones?
  • This is important to know, BPA is used to soften plastics and BPA free plastic just has the BPA replaced with another chemical to soften it... who knows how safe those are.

    We're planning to use glass. I have some Avent natural glass ones and also got some Evenflo bottles for storing BM (hoping they will freeze and thaw OK) I also got some comotomo silicone ones, in case baby doesn't like the Avent.

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  • Yes! If anyone read It Starts with the Egg this is explained in great detail...along with the idea that BPA has just been replaced by other lesser known/studied chemicals so sounds like this is exactly what the researchers found. Thank you @sarcasticowl this has not occurred to me but now I’m going for glass. We did change to glass storage containers during the IF struggle after I read It Starts so it just makes sense.

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  • We used Life Factory while I was exclusively pumping but they weren’t great for formula. So we’re using NUK glass now. We’ll go back to the Life Factory once he can go to almond milk because the Nuk don’t have the protective wrap. 
    Just a note to those who will formula feed and looking at Dr Brown’s glass. They are huge. Obnoxiously huge. I returned them. If you have a reflux/allergy baby I would do it but I didn’t so back they went!! Avent or Nuk is great - we loved Nuk for transitioning from breast to bottle for the very short time we did and for night feeds when he wanted to “nurse”. They have a more natural feel for them! 
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  • Yes--we are using the Avent glass bottles for my 9 month old and plan to do the same for my next baby (currently 4wks+3)
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  • Fully plan on using glass :) Aside from the fact that it's safer/healthier,let's face it, there are going to be times where you will need that bottle heated up faster and will resort to a microwave. Also glass is just easier to clean & keep clean, plastic Tupperware gets cruddy after a while. Thanks for the info though, it's good to know the "why" behind our choices. I'm also currently transitioning my kitchen from plastic food storage to glass storage. 
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  • I registered for Avent glass because I also feel like it has less chemicals and stuff. Call me crazy! It's worth the extra expense for me.
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