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Ketones in urine test

I am 24/5 weeks pregnant and had ketones in my urine today. I also just gained about a pound since last month.  I did some research and it said that ketones get produced when you starve yourself but that is totally not what I'm doing. I eat alot and alot more carbs and sweet's than I used to before the pregnancy. Does anybody has the same issue and do you think this is concerning?

Re: Ketones in urine test

  • My personal experience has been every time I have had ketones and elevated bilirubin I have had a kidney stone. Do you have any pain in your back or groin? . Even if you don't have pain you may have a few large ones sitting in your kidneys which be causing ketones. You may want to talk to your doctor about kidney stones and start drinking tons and tons of water and lemonade (anything acidic really). Make sure your urine is almost clear. 
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  • What did your doctor say about your test results?
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  • Ketones in your urine are a sign of dehydration. Did your doctor not discuss this with you or suggest drinking more water or other fluids?
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