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Gestational Diabetes

I am 15 weeks pregnant with twins. For my first pregnancy I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 24 weeks, so apparently the likelihood of me having GD again this time around is high. When I brought it up to my doctor, she didnt seem too wroried about me taking an early glucose test, but I cant help by feel worried. I'm not being super careful with my diet and I feel like I could be potentially hurting the babies if I DO have it.. Has anyone taken an early walk in glucose test to get diagnosed with it early?
I feel like i want to for peace of mind, but I'm torn. 

Re: Gestational Diabetes

  • I was diagnosed at 28 weeks with my Singleton, and then did an early 1 hr glucose test and just barely failed at 12 weeks this pregnancy (di di twins). We decided ahead of time to skip the 3 hour and just start the diet. I have the same issue as last time- only my fasting levels are off. I think it’s worth pushing to have an early test with twins and second pregnancies just to be safe. The test sucks, but worth it!
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  • Just treat yourself as though you do have GD, and you’ll save yourself a lot of issue, and when 28 weeks comes, take your test and see what it says.
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