2nd Trimester

Light pink discharge at 24 weeks

me and my So were having sex last night and he notice some light pink discharge during sex should I be concerned?? I feel the baby move like crazy since then and all day today 

Re: Light pink discharge at 24 weeks

  • My doctor has said spotting after sex can be normal, but it’s always best to call your doctor in situations like this. 
    wildtot[Deleted User]paytonpedro
  • Generally speaking, light spotting after sex is normal during pregnancy because your cervix is more sensitive.

    However, as PP said, it's always best to consult your physician with any bleeding, because what is a normal issue for one could be a sign of another problem for another.

    Me: 30 | DH: 34 | DSS: 14 | DS: 4
    PG #2, EDD 10/12/2023

    DanyTargaryen[Deleted User]paytonpedro
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