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  • @Kabazaba I’m so sorry for your loss, it sounds like you had a really horrific experience. Like a bunch of others, I’m surprised at your dr’s advice- I was told to take 2 cycles after my d&c in my 13th week. To be honest, I’m glad I had the time to process what happened- I think I would have had really negative emotional reactions to BFNs in those months. If you have the medical go-ahead, though, do what you feel comfortable with in the space you need. We’ll be here for you- this is a really great, supportive community.
  • You ladies are all amazing - thank you for the welcome and support.
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  • Here’s a new one - we have a few weeks before we even need to think about it, but the protocol sheet from my RE for timed intercourse w/ the Letrozole and progesterone (and also likely estrogen) says to use OPKs and BD the day of the surge/positive and each of the two days after.  Doesn’t that seem too late?! I mean maybe not for the first time but I know the last two months that I temped and used OPKs I’d ovulate the same day I picked up my first positive.  I’ve always thought it best to try -2, -1, and O day and then call it good.  Scratching my head and trying to decide what we’ll actually do.  I’ve never taken Letrozole and will hopefully O sooner than my usual day 17-20 situation so it may be harder to pin point it as well than what I’m used to.
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    @ccvslp are you getting US around CD12? And do you use advanced OPKs? And will you trigger?
  • @Mack2342 I am getting a CD12 ultrasound (or 13 depending on how it falls... could be Easter... meh). That’s mainly to check my lining and determine the start of the estrogen support but I know they’ll probably measure follicles, too.  I don’t usually have a lot going on too early and O w PCOS day 17 earliest but my RE did say they wanted to check day 12 as the Letrozole may move it up.  I haven’t been using advanced OPKs, I use wondfos, but the clinic advised us to use the clear blue one and I will next month.  No trigger planned.  
  • @ccvslp the advanced OPKs will give you the surge before the positive so I like them best it’s kind of weird that they say two days after.  I would think two days before Positive day of positive and the next day.  Typically when I get a positive it’s the next day that I actually O.  I usually get two days of a positive.  For me but we do IUIs, I get the CD 12 US and based on follicle size they will tell us to BD on a particular day which is two days before IUI and then they tell us to BD later the same day as IUI.  You could ask them when you go in for US just to be clear on days to BD 
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