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Feeling anti-social/introverted

britstew42britstew42 member
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I'm 8w3d, and have been feeling really introverted lately. I thought it was just exhaustion before because I just didn't want to talk to anyone at work, but I'm not really that tired anymore and I still am dreading going back to work tomorrow. I don't want to pretend to be social when I don't have a lot of energy or patience and some people at work are just draining. I'd rather be at home with my cats and hubby!
Anyone else feel like this or am I just being anti-social?


Re: Feeling anti-social/introverted

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  • I went through some pretty crushing depression with my first pregnancy. I didn’t know what it was at first, but it started like that. I lost interest in the job that I loved, seeing friends and pursuing my hobbies. I didn’t feel “sad,” just disinterested and extremely anxious. 

    Hormonal birth control methods affected me the same way. I wish I knew then that BC hormones are similar to pregnancy hormones, and not everybody tolerates them well. It started to get better in the 3rd tri, but then turned into PPD after the baby, and I eventually needed meds.

    I hope this doesn’t end up being your experience, but if it is, the best advice I can give is don’t be afraid to ask for help. Demand it, actually. I made no secret of how I felt to my doctors, but they ignored my questionnaires, and I had to self-refer myself to a therapist. It got loads better after that. 
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  • pebbledampebbledam member
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    @concreteayngel is right. If this feeling persists please don't hesitate to seek help! My original answer might come off as flippant, but I struggle with depression and anxiety all the time and definitely encourage everyone to get the help they need! There are options and your mental health should be a priority!
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  • I'm in this club too @britstew42, I have not been feeling social at all. I think part of it is just from being so tired and sick to my stomach, but I've been a little low these last few weeks.  Not all the time, but a decent amount.  I hope you get to feeling more like yourself soon.  <3

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  • I have definitely been less into socializing at work but I just tell myself I'm just more self (baby) involved right now so they aren't important. 
  • I’m usually a bit of a homebody, but it has definitely amped up in the last month. I just want to be ALONE. Pregnancy is hard. Even if you’re not tired, it wears on you mentally. It’s okay if you want to stay in and relax. Like others said, if it continues and you are concerned talk to someone, but it’s probably nothing to worry about.
  • Like @cdepperschmidt I am a homebody. The mental drain of planning for a baby is exhausting. While not physically exhausted all the time... I just want to be at home (with DH and cats as well) mostly.

    Part of it is because I can't really talk about it with anyone except them but there is definitely a lot going on with out bodies too.
  • I just have no interest in seeing anyone ever right now. We had a busy weekend seeing family and I was not feeling it. I did the same thing when I was pregnant with DD. DH basically had to drag me out of the house to see friends. I don't know if it's because of the exhaustion or the nausea, but I get really anti-social when I'm pregnant. I'm kind of convinced that it's a symptom for me. 
  • A lot of mine stems from not knowing how I'll feel. I hate to schedule plans and then day of feel like crap...
  • @acciocoffee This is me too. My birthday is on Sunday and I would like to hermit in my bed all day and be served macaroni and cheese upon request. The thought of going out is...painful.
  • @stithof And now I know what we are having for dinner... Yes to all the macaroni and cheese!
  • stithof said:
    @acciocoffee This is me too. My birthday is on Sunday and I would like to hermit in my bed all day and be served macaroni and cheese upon request. The thought of going out is...painful.
    You are my spirit animal. I can't think of a better way to spend a birthday. 
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  • @pebbledam That’s the nicest compliment I’ve heard in a while! **I’m not crying, you’re crying**
  • @stithof I hear you! my birthday is the 7th and I told all my friends I'm not doing anything. They got upset and a small group of 4 (that know I'm pregnant) convinced me to at least just go out for dinner. So we are going out for Tacos. Baby loves tacos! It will be better than having to explain why I'm not drinking on my birthday to all my friends!
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  • @stithof My Birthday is Sunday too! I told DH I was postponing my birthday untilI didn’t feel like crap. Either that or I’d take a day ALONE! 
  • My introvert just caught up to me.  Usually I am really good at faking it.  But yesterday, I went to tour a local day care, and that really took it out of me. I spent the rest of the afternoon struggling to hold it together, and canceled my evening plans.  I’m just glad that the people who were affected are also “in the know.”
  • Thanks everyone! Feel a bit better now. I get anxiety and am a little introverted usually, but it just seemed worse especially since I was so tired! I feel like I have more energy the last couple of days, but I still have just a little less tolerance for people than before. Baby just wants to stay at home!
  • Hubby has plans with a buddy tonight and then works till 8pm tomorrow. Normally I'd pout that he's so busy, but I'm ready to relish in the quiet. I plan on laying in bed with my book and relaxing. Especially because MS has really kicked in this week, so I don't feel like anything.

    I'm nervous for Saturday. I have a staff meeting for my side job and then we are going to my in-laws and then my parents to tell them. I'm hoping to nap mid-day at my in-laws.
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