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Frequent ultrasound - concerns

I read all this research linking the heat produced by ultrasound (esp. Doppler) to development impact (such as autism) - and I think it is a much clearer connection than 'vaccines' given both the steady increase early ultrasound practice and the steady increase in rates of autism...

So, I was determined not to have any in the first trimester. But then:
A) I started bleeding at 5w0d, and continue spotting till now (8w0d) - scary
B) my obstetrician requested a dating ultrasound to be done before a formal referral is made. Because of the bleeding/spotting I gave in - did want to make sure it wasn't ectopic at least - though had no pains associated with it. Resulting due date was just 2 days off from what I calculated myself...  did see heartbeat though and ensured it's implanted in the right spot!

But now I am concerned... Does it mean my obstetrician will be overusing ultrasounds throughout, if they didn't even accept a referral without it? (Official medical stance on ultrasound is only when medically necessary, with standard of 2 per pregnancy) Should I look into alternatives such as midwife/birthing centre already? The obstetrician had no knowledge of spotting when making that request.
Or should I wait to see what the doctor's approach will be going forward?..

Re: Frequent ultrasound - concerns

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  • Echoing what all the other ladies have said. If you’re not comfortable with your OB, now is the time to change. That being said with DD I got pregnant right after a D&C, so had a dating US at 10 weeks (they thought it was 8), then another at 12, 16, 18, 20, 28, and 34. She’s fine. I realize anecdotal evidence doesn’t always help reassure people but where I live that isn’t even considered an excessive amount of US. That’s routine. Women who are high risk get many more. 
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  • I think this person posted questions feeling like this was a safe place to do so. No need to attack for her questions and concerns. Many will have different options and concerns. And we’ve all read something out there on the web that has scared us. Good info in your responses, thanks! Just think of of the replies are a little harsh. We are here to support each other only.
  • I think only you can decide if this makes your uncomfortable or not. Plenty of women have 10-30 ultrasounds a pregnancy due to high risks that make them deemed necessary and have healthy/happy babies. 
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  • I agree... we have enough to worry and stress about as it is. Bummer to know these threads can get out of hand. 
  • @Kate437, you might want to double check your video. I don't think it's the one you meant to post!  :)
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  • If it makes you feel any better, I had over 12 ultrasounds with my first pregnancy due to being high risk, and my daughter is now a very healthy and intelligent 19 month old.
    As everyone else has said correlation does not equal causation. If you are concerned, talk to your doctor about it as well. It may ease your mind to speak with a medical professional.
  • **lurking from July**

    with DS i has an ultrasound every week or two my entire pregnancy due to being high risk. He’s now a healthy 22 months. I also have a home Doppler that i probably used a few time before i could feel movement. I agree with the other ladies that if you don’t feel comfortable with your doctor don’t hesitate to change. I personally go with what my doctor suggests during my pregnancy because they are the experts and saved my DS. Best thing you can do is advocate for yourself and ask questions, and a second opinion if you feel you must. 
  • kiwi2628 said:
    I would like to point this out, as I do think it's interesting. It's about if/how vaccines cause autism.
    *Lurking from Sept*
    Your posts on this thread are perfection.

  • True that after reading OP knowing I had about 3,500 ultrasounds with my last high risk pregnancy and will likely have more this time Bc she was preemie started to worry me. The responses are making me feel better. Regardless I would get them bc I’d rather know everything is physically ok...
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