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And the winner is...

Weekly Check-In’s!!!

So who is in charge of the and what day of the week are we doing that? I’ve noticed the First week of October one has been active, not sure about the others. 

Re: And the winner is...

  • I've been starting the first week of October DD on Thursdays (selfishly because that's when my ticker changes)
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  • I think Mondays are more popular for weekly check ins... plus, Oct 1 is a Monday so that will line up perfectly for due dates!
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  • I agree I think Monday’s are good if we aren’t doing daily change overs - and maybe we could change up the questions a little. I’ve been saying my next ob apt is 2/26 for 4 weeks now and anticipate my next answer also being the exact same for a month. **sorry I’m crabby this morning and lost the vote**
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  • I’ll do the 3rd week post. I like the idea of starting them all on Mondays, too. 

  • I like the Monday start. Also think changing up some of the questions, like @olivemomma proposed, would be great.
  • Bumping this up today so that everyone has a chance to see it. Looks like most people who replied like the due date check ins to start on Mondays? 
  • Who is doing 2nd and 4th week?
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