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Clingy toddler

DS is 16 months and has just started sleeping through from 9pm to 6am. He then cuddles in our bed until 9am. From the moment we get up he will not let me put him down. He is only happy if I'm holding him. I am 13 weeks pregnant with our 2nd could this have anything to do with this?
Any tips would be appreciated! 

Re: Clingy toddler

  • My son is 16 months and he is the same way. I read and follow this thing called The Wonder Weeks. It shows stages in brain development for our babies, and explains why he/she might be going through clingy stages, and horrible sleep. So the logic behind it is that as their brain develops, it gives them new abilities. These new abilities can make them feel unsure, hence the clinginess. So, it’s not such a bad thing if they are being like this. It just means they’re a bit more unfamiliar w what they can now conceive. Once they get used to it, they behave better. 

    The book explains it much better. I also downloaded the app. I plugged in my sons gestational age, and so far the app has been spot on in informing me of the stages he is in the middle of, or upcoming events in his development I should be aware of. 

    it works really well for me. It might work well for you.
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