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PCS'ing to Kings Bay

Hey ya'll!  My S/O is being stationed in Kings Bay base in GA in June and we're looking at potentially buying a house in the nearby areas. We're looking at Kingsland, Saint Mary's, Fernandina Beach and Jacksonville all as options as we're pretty open at this point. Any suggestions or recommendations on the area? We have one daughter who's 1 and are looking to expand our family in the near future. :)
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Re: PCS'ing to Kings Bay

  • We lived in St Mary’s 14 years ago and it’s a VERY small town with not a lot to do. I recommend Fernandina Beach. 
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  • I have family in Kingsland. They like the area, but they do end up driving to Jacksonville a bunch since it's the closest city. St Mary's has historic beauty. The base has a playground they love and that's most of what the littles like 🤣 
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