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Thankful Thursday

What are you thankful for this Thursday (or week... or in general)?

Re: Thankful Thursday

  • Coffee! All the coffee!
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  • I’m thankful DH arrives home from business travel tonight. He’s been traveling extensively this month and it will be so nice to see him!
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  • Thankful that DH puts up with my fits of rage and extreme crankiness right now! He's such a good sport!
  • Thankful my MIL comes home tonight! She was away for 6 weeks in FL. She is such a help with our dog and I am also thankful she is an amazing MIL and will be a wicked grandma!
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  • Thankful for Paw Patrol today. Was home with DS who has the flu..lots and lots of paw patrol & snuggles 
  • Thankful we are finally getting some snow! Although a small complain about having to shovel it
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  • Thankful that DH took care of DD tonight while I laid around feeling moody and stressed and gross. My emotions are crazy right now! 
  • My DH arrives home from a business trip tomorrow night! We have one more to go until he’s done and it’s only a long weekend.  He’s my balance when I’m stressed so it’s been hard being so exhausted, moody, and impatient without him.  
  • I’m thankful that i did not feel as awful today as I did yesterday. I had to work an 11 hour day today. Music teacher, I got observed by my assistant principal, had a college student in my room and had 2 concerts. 
  • Thankful for an easygoing kiddo. I’ve replaced two of DS’s nursing sessions with cows milk over the past two weeks and he could care less. I overthink these transitions so much and then he just rolls with it like it’s no big deal. Sometimes I need to take a page out of his book and just chillax.
  • Thankful to get to work from home tomorrow - yay for not spending 2.5 hours commuting! And I can probably get away without showering too!
  • I’m a SAHM and I am sooo thankful that DH found a full-time job with benefits that allows him to work from home! DS is almost 22-months and a real handful. It’s unbelievably helpful to have an extra pair of hands (and eyes!) when I need a minute to myself. 

    Also, that DS is such a good sleeper! He takes a 3-hr nap most everyday, and then sleeps from 7:30pm-8:30am. I am one spoiled mama!  

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    I know it’s Friday but I am so thankful to have today and tomorrow off. Just hit 6 wk today and I’m sick 24/7 so work is miserable. I can occasionally keep crackers down but that’s it. I feel like I’m being such a wimp! 
  • Thankful my DH jumped on board for going out for burgers for dinner instead of cooking - I just couldn't do it last night (I'd been up most of the night before with my preschooler). 
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