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CP Experience & Questions (TW)

Hi all, my husband and I were on our 6th IUI this month. On 12 dpo i got a faint bfp on FRER. I went in for the blood draw and they said my beta was 6 and that was very low, but I was technically pregnant. They warned me it might be a CP or an ectopic. After two more blood draws my betas were 11 at 14dpo and 17 at 16dpo. So they aren't increasing very rapidly which supports the hypothesis that something is wrong. I went in for another beta this morning. As this is my first time every getting a bfp, I had some questions. Did your symptoms go away before aunt flo arrived? How long did it take? 

As my levels are so low they can't tell me if its in my uterus or not, so I'm stuck waiting it out. Any advice would be helpful.

Re: CP Experience & Questions (TW)

  • Hi, so sorry youre going through this.... I think it would be great to post this in miscarriage/pregnancy loss since more people there may have answers... Ive never had a cp (4 early mc's) I think its going to be continuing to monitor your betas and see what direction they are heading. Your HCG has to get to be a certain level for them to be able to see where the pg is located, and in some cases of cp (in the uterus) the numbers will go up and then head back down and if it is very early you will have (TW) (TMI) a bleed that will look and feel like AF.

  • @kerryann124 I’m so sorry you’re going through this. It sucks. A lot. I had a CP after my FET in November, although in my case my number started in the 50s and dropped steadily after that. Others may have advice about a slowly rising HCG.

    I had no symptoms, but of course everyone is different. Anyway, my clinic tested HCG every other day until it dropped below 5. In my case, that took about 7 days from my first beta (9DP5DT). I started bleeding the day after my last beta. It was a longer than normal for AF bleed and my subsequent cycle was 1-2 days longer than normal for me.

    I’m sorry, again, that you have to go through this!

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  • I'm sorry you're going through this. My hcg was 12. I started my period the day that was taken. I never had any symptoms. 
  • Thanks all for your responses, I ultimately got another beta and it came back as a 4 and I got my period the next day. Ugh, onto the next one....
  • Thanks all for your responses, I ultimately got another beta and it came back as a 4 and I got my period the next day. Ugh, onto the next one....
    So sorry that was the outcome.... sending hugs!!

  • I'm so sorry. 
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