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How To Cure Piles After Vaginal Delivery

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Pregnancy is the most common reason inclined to piles/hemorrhoids. Enlarged presses pelvic veins and inferior vena cava (the veins that presents on the right side of the body that gets blood from the lower limbs).

During the pregnancy the level of progesterone hormones get high which cause the walls of your arteries to loosen up and to get swelled up. Increase in the Progesterone hormone level results in slowing down the colon which results to issues like constipations. Further aggravates of constipations leads to generation of piles or hemorrhoids like issue.

There are several remedies to treat them well but it’s up to whether you want to go with the natural treatments or with the medical treatment. Well not to worry just check out the link which I have given you in this post. As, this contains the complete remedies and treatment options available to cure hemorrhoids after delivery.

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