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Estrace issues

Hi ladies, I'm in the midst of prepping for a FET and have been on Estrace since January 30 (cycle day 3). I started out taking 3 pills in the AM and 3 pills in the PM. Then they upped my dose to 4 pills AM and PM, then 5 pills AM and PM. That still wasn't doing the trick so they had me take the Estrace vaginally instead, 1 pill AM / PM.

It's now cycle day 22, I've been taking the Estrace vaginally now for a week, and my lining STILL isn't ready. I'm moody, I'm emotional, I'm frustrated, I'm sad, I'm dizzy, I'm confused. Why is my body taking so long to respond to the medicine?! Has anyone else experienced this? I keep psyching myself up thinking my transfer is days away and it just keeps getting pushed back. I know it's for the best and my doctor wants my body to be 100% ready for the transfer but this is mega frustrating.
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