2nd Trimester

Decreased movement

I’m 22 wks & up until yesterday could feel the baby moving quite often. Now it’s like he barely moves. Should I consult my dr or is it common?

Re: Decreased movement

  • I’d say call your doctor if it’s a concern. I know that babies occasionally settle down and movement patterns change. Have you tried all the tricks to provoke movement? 
  • I drank some pop but I’m currently at work so I can’t lay down or anything. 
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  • you are very early on still and baby is quite small also they sleep a ton right now. it isn't uncommon to go a day or two without feeling something but if concerned call your ob or nurse line
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  • You are still early and with my first movement was still sporadic at at that point, but if you really have been feeling movement daily and you're not now, call your dr. Decreased movement is one of those call your dr, better safe then sorry things.
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  • Baby is still pretty small and might be sleeping or hiding, but it’s always better to call your doctor with concerns like this, that’s what you’re paying them for after all. 
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