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Help!!! Need Advice!!!!

Hey guys! I'm usually a lurker but need some advice. I'll be 38 weeks tomorrow and since last week I've been having light-headed spells, seeing lights, headahces off and on. At my 37 week appointment on Thursday my blood pressure was up a little but not considered high and only trace amounts of protein. Flash forward to last night, my feet and hands started swelling (no previous swelling). This morning my hands were worse so I called OB (who is off today) and he had me go into OB to be monitored. My blood pressure was 150/72 still no protein but still having light-headed and nausea spells. After resting, my BP was fluctuating between 122 and 140 but as soon as I would get up it would jump back up into the 150's. Doctor had them check me and I'm at 3cm (not sure why I was checked because I wasn't having contractions). Any ways, I was sent home. I asked for a second opinion because I had a similar issue last pregnancy with doctor not listening and my full term baby ended up on a ventilator for a week and a half. They told me I'd have to wait and call my OB tomorrow in order to get a second opinion. Most of the people I've talked to have suggested that I go to a different hospital ER...what do you all suggest? Wait till tomorrow and call OB or go to another hospital for another opinion?

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