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2nd Trimester Check in - week of Feb 12


Re: 2nd Trimester Check in - week of Feb 12

  • @Hopeful_mom Happy Chinese/Lunar New Year to you too! DH had a coworker/close friend who didn’t share their baby name in advance and I’m glad DH had an example, because for us at least, it’s working to not share name ideas. My mom gave us unsolicited name advice a few weeks ago and I was shocked she even said something, let alone my husband’s reaction. LOL I know some people love sharing with their best friend or sibling or parent, but there are so many opinions! The most important opinion is yours and your significant other’s! 

    @coco305 I understand. I’ve avoided 2 showers the past 3 months even though I’m pregnant. The first one was when I’d be 8 weeks and I’d have to travel up there but I didn’t think I could handle it if something went wrong and then had to go to her shower. The second one was earlier this month and I didn’t feel ready yet. Worst was all the social media posts. I’ve avoided fb mostly because of that, especially in the last 12-18 months. Then I was so anti-social media pregnancy announcement but gave in to my husband’s desire to share it with others. It’s okay to feel that way!! I like your idea of a couple’s party, especially as a last hurrah. LOL I might steal your idea!
  • @jr102217 DH got me the snoogle which I think is considered a C shape? It’s awesome though and I’ve been getting better sleep. DH is now threatening to steal it though! I told him he can use if for naps 

    @hopeful_mom we went to Top Golf (driving range type place) and DH hit a golf ball that exploded with pink powder inside. It was a really cool moment. It’s so weird to think “we’re going to have a daughter”!! The friend that planned it also got me two little girl outfits from my alma matter so we officially have our first piece of baby gear!! 

    We haven’t decided on a name yet but when we do, we won’t be telling anyone until she’s here. We don’t want any comments on the name either. I’m sure we’ll get suggestions and I’ll just smile and nod lol! 
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  • @Irisheyes81 I felt kicks at 18 weeks on the dot.  Maybe a few flutters leading up but definitive kicks at 18. My placenta is posterior, but my ob said 18-22 is pretty standard for a FTM.

    @mtpbadger congrats on the girl!!

    @jr102217 people just come for drinks & see the baby.  They're usually casual open house style & can be done however you want. DH is from Savannah and they're more common there but have made their way around. I think people should do whatever they're comfortable with :) we're doing a small one there when baby is 3 months old. Less than 20 people so I'm sure it'll be fine.  I wouldn't do one here in Michigan though.
  • @coco305 I feel you on feeling like ahhhh about the birth part. We’re almost 24 weeks and I panic a little every time I think about the actual birth part. 
    I started feeling the baby move around 18-19 weeks now feel him throughout the day especially after eating and before bed. 
    We have another US next week on Thursday to check my cervix size. Fingers crossed for good news. 
    TTC 4 years. 7 failed IUI's with either Clomid, Femara and/or Trigger Shots. Started IVF journey in February 2017. Polyps removed in May. 1st IVF Transfer September 26th. BFP. Expected due date 6/14/18. Baby boy born 5/25/18 at 6 lb 9 oz. My bundle of joy. 
  • Thank you everyone for the reassurance about the movement.  I don’t know about my placenta but will ask at the next scan.  I talked to my SIL and started freaking out.  She got engaged a month before me, married a month before me, got accidently pregnant and announced the day of one of my failed cycles and had her baby the day we found out we were pregnant.  Then she said she felt the baby kick at 13 weeks and I was just OVER it.  I haven’t felt her yet but will be waiting the next few weeks for it J

    @aera11 Your mother in law asking for a list made me laugh. I look back on what I considered “small talk” before infertility and pregnancy and have totally changed my thoughts on it.  Even asking someone what they do for work can be too personal, especially if they have recently lost a job or been fired.  People asked when I was getting married while I was single just because I was over 30. Then it was when we are having kids.  People have asked about names and asked when we are having a second child a lot.  I am much more careful now with what I consider “small talk” and what is just totally rude.

    @holls214 Was your shower this weekend or next weekend? Either way, awesome! It will be great to have your mom there.  How was your check up regarding your cervix? I hope it was all good.  The dream thing is so crazy.  It’s been the most surprising part of pregnancy for me. J

    @helloworld9 I say, throw yourself a shower! Celebrate the baby!

    @hopeful_mom I can’t believe the story about the Echo! Did you ever get the results? What an awesome report about the baby! Sounds perfect. How exciting.  I completely look for blood too.  The anxiety is REAL.  That is so funny that you tried to train yourself not to sleep on your tummy.  I did the opposite.  I would think “this is my last month doing this.”  Little did I know I could sleep on my tummy for years longer.  I will get a 3d ultrasound because of being high risk. They are super expensive so I know they limit who they do them on.

    @mtbadger Great news on the echo!!!!  Congrats on your baby GIRL

    @jr102217 Congratulations on the anatomy scan. How fun!! I feel ancient with the advanced maternal age term too.  How exciting finding out the gender.  It really is beautiful to be pregnant as scary as it is.

    @coco305 I hated baby showers during infertility and don’t really like them now either.  We have two planned and I’m just going to suck it up J I love your idea about having a party. Congrats on being almost half way there!! Labor….. so scary.

    • Me: 36 DH: 33
    • TTC since June 2016
    • Me: PCOS DH: Morphology 1%
    • 3 TI with Famera and trigger shots-BFN
    • 3 IUI's with Famera and trigger shots- BFN
    • IVF August 2017 25 eggs retrieved, 19 mature, 13 fertilized (ICSI), 5 frozen, 3 PGS normal 
    • FET November 2017 Transferred one 6 day blast (a little GIRL) BFP EDD 8/4/18

  • @Irisheyes81 ugh I'd be over it too with your SIL.  I've never heard of anyone feeling movement that early but maybe she did... are you 16 weeks right now?  I wouldn't worry at all, especially being a FTM :)  my MIL doesn't know what we've been through and I think her asking is a compilation of many things (generation, living in the south, being a flake haha).  I just ignore her remarks and let DH deal with them.  But really, like she wants a list? Makes me laugh.
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    @mtpbadger my husband sleeps with my old Snoogle from 2014 EVERY night... It's completely lost its shape and smells like a sweaty man no matter how much I wash it :p not sure if I will buy another this time around. 

    ETA @Irisheyes81 I call BS on 13 weeks. That was gas, if anything :p
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