2nd Trimester

22 wks measuring 23 wks 4 days

Is this common? Will the dr change my due date? Has this happened to anyone & the baby came early? 

Re: 22 wks measuring 23 wks 4 days

  • Doctors don’t usually change your date that far along, if they were going to, they would’ve likely mentioned it at the US. 

    If you had an early dating US, that’s what they are going to go off of. 

    As far as babies being mis-measured, it happens more often later in pregnancy. You’ll often hear women tell stories of a doctor worried about a baby’s  size, only to end up with a 6 or 7 lb baby. 
  • As you get further along measurements are less accurate. With DS he always measured a week bigger and my due date wasn’t changed. 
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  • Reason I’m asking is by my LMP he’s measuring correctly. They’re going by my first ultrasound instead. 
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    That amount of time is no big deal. If you get another u/s the baby will probably measuring a different number of days ahead or maybe even right where you think he should be based on your LMP. It can change as you go along in pregnancy. 
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