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Weekend Ticker Change (February 10-11)

We are ramping up here lovely mamas!

1.How far along are you?How big is baby?

2. Any upcoming appointments this week?

3. Any new symptoms?

4. Rants/ Raves/ Questions?

5. GTKY: Any Valentine's Day plans?
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Re: Weekend Ticker Change (February 10-11)

  • 1- 34 weeks
    2- I have an appointment with an ultrasound on Wednesday!
    3- hemorrhoids.. such large and uncomfortable hemorrhoids. 
    4- see above lol
    5- I have to work, so no. But I saw on our bank statement to expect some flowers hahaha hubs is no good at surprises
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  • All you productive ladies put me to shame. I'm over here officially off bedrest and I can't seem to do more than go to the fridge every couple of hours!
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  • Don’t feel bad @cford08, on Thursday while DH was off work, I did like literally nothing after work. I watched Greys Anatomy and that’s about it. And I only cooked dinner once Monday-Saturday. Rest of the evenings we were either at my MIL’s or grabbed pizza or fast food. I’m honestly only trying to be so productive because if I’m enduced early again (which I think is going to be the case), I’ve only got a few weekends left before arrival and I know I’m working at least one day next weekend. 
  • @cford08 please don't be too impressed with me... I literally have one productive day for like every 13 non-productive days. haha I'm realizing that it's getting down to the wire now though, so it feels like there's a fire lit under my you-know-what. I just wish MH would feel that fire too!
  • 1.How far along are you?How big is baby? 36 weeks yesterday. A squash I think. Getting another growth scan next week, last one she was estimated to be over 6 lbs 

    2. Any upcoming appointments this week? OB tomorrow for Doppler, fundal and cervical check. Didn’t want to do cervical checks since I’m having a cs but went ahead with one last week and I was 3 cm and 90% so I’ll keep having them 

    3. Any new symptoms? Back pain and pelvic pressure/pain with Braxton Hicks. Usually hydration helps but they have a mind of their own now. I’m thinking it must be prodromal because walking helps and they can’t be timed.

    4. Rants/ Raves/ Questions?

    5. GTKY: Any Valentine's Day plans? Nope. We went out once for dinner on Valentine’s Day not realizing what day it was (we’re lame people) and the lines to the restaurant were to the parking lots. No thanks. we never do anything 
  • 1.How far along are you?How big is baby?

    35 weeks. A pineapple apparently but he is already bigger than that at 6 and something lbs. My dr says the u/s are only off by half pound so who knows. 

    2. Any upcoming appointments this week?
    The usual BPP and visit on Wed. 

    3. Any new symptoms?
    I think I finally know what Braxton - Hicks are!!! I don't like them. Aidan has dropped so low I have lightening crotch when I walk, which sucks b/c since both me and DH are off tomorrow we are going to go buy the last of the stuff we need which involves walking in a store. 

    4. Rants/ Raves/ Questions?
    I still want to super clean the house before the baby gets here but I don't think I have the energy. 

    5. GTKY: Any Valentine's Day plans?
    Going to my OB, oh boy! We aren't big valentine ppl. 
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    Married: 5.27.16
    Baby Boy Due: 3.18.18
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  • 1.How far along are you?How big is baby?
    34 weeks as of yesterday. Babies are the size of quokkas (very cute marsupial thing in Australia), as of their growth scan on last Thursday Baby A is 3lb15oz and Baby B is 3lb14oz, which means they both gained a little over a pound since their last growth scan which is wonderful!

    2. Any upcoming appointments this week?
    I have an OB appointment on Wednesday.

    3. Any new symptoms?
    My back has started hating me more and my hips are a bit sore now. Makes sense, but still not fun. I'm having more headaches, but nothing as horrible as last week.

    4. Rants/ Raves/ Questions?
    We put an offer on a new house! Just have to wait for the bank to get it's act together and escrow to close :) I think I'm insane for looking to move right now, lol!

    5. GTKY: Any Valentine's Day plans?
    My husband and I normally go out the day before or the day after to avoid crowds. This year he's taking me to a Brazilian steakhouse the day before as our last big date before the twins arrive.

    @amylonghorn I'm glad your pug is doing ok, seizures are scary! And I hope your MIL feels better soon :)

    I'm probably the least productive person right now. With us buying a new house, I'm really debating whether to bother trying to organize my house or just start packing, lol. With only 4 weeks to go at max I know it's kind of ridiculous to be thinking about it now....
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  • Thank you for the kind thoughts, @amanning2011! You are a trooper for buying a new house right before your babies arrive - just the thought of moving right now gives me anxiety and I'm only having 1 baby!! Hope the process goes smoothly for yall!
  • @amanning2011 I think you're brave, not crazy! There's no way I would have the guts to move this far into the game. I'm still trying to clean my house today and it's already hurting my back!
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