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Tiny Beans -Unusal Reason to Use It

Prior to using Tiny Beans I would upload every photo I ever took of my children to Facebook. I loved the "On this day" feature that Facebook has and my friends and family around the world were able to watch by kids grow. 
Then, out of nowhere, I recieved a phone call from CPS saying someone saw a video on Facebook of my son sitting next to a drill and thought that was extremely dangerous. I had never felt so much pain and distrust towards everyone I knew and love. I immediately wrote a post on Facebook explaining the situation and said I will not be posting photos of my children anymore. My parents and brother were devastated that they wouldn't have their daily dose of my children through Facebook. 
Then I found Tiny Beans! An amazing app that allows me to post all my photos of my kids but now I just share the photos with my parents and brother. It has a calendar which allows me to have an "On this day" feature. Tiny Beans has given me peace of mind and allows me to continue to share my children with my family.

Thank you Tiny Beans, from the bottom of my heart, you don't know what you have done for my family!

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