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Babywearing while pregnant

I am going to ask my OB about this, but I am reading conflicting things and curious if anyone has any experience with this. I typically wear my toddler in a bjorn at least 3-4 times per week for long(ish) walks and periods of standing.  Any thoughts/experiences/insights?  Thanks!

Re: Babywearing while pregnant

  • hmm I have a lilybaby and I guess I plan to back carry her as long as I can. But I also like front carrying her which I guess will be out of the question soon 
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  • I quit baby wearing long ago, but it’s fine. A friend of mine wears her toddler whose about 20 months frequently. She’s about halfway through her pregnancy.
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  • I used my Tula often with my toddler for my last pregnancy. I would back carry :) 
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  • I see pregnant moms babywearing older kiddos all the time. As long as the toddler isn't resting on your bump, I don't think it'll be an issue. You could probably get more info in a babywearing group too. There's a few on Facebook.
  • I still do it with my 22 month old! My husband loves to hike and since my 4 year old still insists on being carried DS is all my responsibility. I plan on calling it quits this summer though!
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  • I would think for this just listen to your body. It felt really awkward to wear my then 13 month old over the tiny 11ish week bump so I stopped.

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  • Oh wow, I didn’t even think of this. I LOVE wearing DS on the front, like LOVE LOVE... those times are our special cuddle times. This makes me super sad. I guess I’ll have to figure out back wearing soon. 

  • +1 on joining a facebook group.  You might even have a local meet up where you can borrow different carriers and try them out and get help from other mamas!  (for the record, i have a tula my husband and i share, and i love it and its super easy for back wearing!)
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