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4 Month Monsters?

My daughter is not 4.5 months and her personality has really changed!  She used to be calm, quiet and sweet.  Now she is fussy and doesn't like anything that used to entertain her!  (She still is sleeping through the night though - so I'm grateful for that)  I read it could be teething or changes in the brain and both are probably true!  Just wanted to make sure I'm not the only mom going through it!


  • Monster? That's a bit harsh! They are babies! 4 months is a huge change for them as far developmentally and growth spurt wise. Teething could also be an issue at this point. The first year is honestly a huge roller coaster for Mom and baby. 
  • You might enjoy reading The Wonder Weeks or if you don't have time for that, like most moms, just download the app. It will help you to understand these leaps, which baby is going through a big one at 4 months and prepare for future mental leaps.

    I don't personally care if you call your kid a monster here to us moms. Sometimes they are little monsters and when they become toddlers, they can be complete jerks. Just don't say it to their face and you're good.
  • Lol I love my "monster" and she's the best. Was just overwhelmed yesterday. Thank you very much for your support
  • My son just hit 5 months and I can say in the last month he has definitely changed. A lot more irritable. He used to be so calm and sweet and now he cries a lot and wakes up a LOT in the night. He used to sleep through the night. I am venturing to guess he is teething so I am ordering some stuff to help him with his teething struggles and hoping for the best. 
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