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Leaking fluid?

I'm 34 weeks with mild preeclampsia. I was in the kitchen sitting on a stool for about 10 minutes when I stood up. For some reason I felt the need to check the stool. Sure enough there was a wet spot on the stool. I felt a little wetness too and I went to check in the bathroom. I didn't go pee, I felt no need to go. My underwear had moisture on it and my pants slightly moist. I heard about laying down and if it was amniotic fluid it would pool while laying and when you stand it will come out. I tried doing that for about 15 minutes and all that happened was I felt pressure and had to pee. I barely peed when I went. My baby was moving around hours after that. I plan on calling the Dr this morning when they open. But I told myself if it happens again I'll call the emergency line. I just don't know if I'm having a small leak or sweat or pee problem there.
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