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Happy due dates to you!

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Mine is today, 2/8. For the many that have yet to go into labor, how are you passing the time and preparing yourself? I started maternity leave at 38.5 weeks, something I do not regret, but now it feels like the waiting game. I’ve been organizing, cleaning, and pampering myself. Just interested in what others are up to! 

Re: Happy due dates to you!

  • I’m not on leave yet, but working from home until I do. My due date is the 11th!

    I’ve cleaned a million times, food prepped, gotten every space of her room ready, mani/pedi/hair done, and I’ve run out of thing to do lol!
  • Mine was 2/6 I can't wait for the day. Feeling sooo bored at home and just waiting  :(. Praying for things to happen really sooner.
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  • Mine is 2/10. I've been bored for so long. Mostly I just chill and watch netflix. So far I've watched all of Lucifer, the secret life of the American teenager, shanara, some animes, and now I'm onto the great British baking show. I also go on 2 mile walks everyday. Haven't been meal prepping. I think about it and then get too lazy. Hahaha. 
  • Due date was yesterday. I'm still working but it's sucks, I don't feel well and I'm just uncomfortable all day. I want this baby here now- ugh, patience isn't my strong suit 
  • 2/27. The last few weeks feel longer and more daunting than the last 37 did. I started maternity leave at 36 weeks and I’m glad I did. My energy levels are nonexistent. I physically feel fine but I could spend all day on the couch. So hard to get anything done around the house with any sort of consistency. Did get a mani/pedi yesterday and pretty much finished up the nursery (finally). Thinking of you post-date mamas!! Also really hoping I don’t go past mine  :D
  • @wal2017 I can’t believe you’re still working! God bless ya. Everyone else, I agree and hear ya. I’ve already gotten a massage and my nails done (grateful for that!) but the midwife scheduled me for an induction Saturday 2/17 and I’m really hoping things don’t go that far. I’ll need another manicure by that time! Haha. I’ve been eating dates, drinking red raspberry tea, bouncing on my ball, and DH and I had sex last night. Unfortunately walking is difficult, I live in Chicago and there’s a literal blizzard outside my window. I’ve been so patient up until my due date (2/8) and now I feel crazy impatient! 
  • I've been having timeable contractions for the last month. Each bout is more painful than the last. I'm not due for another week, but I wish there was some progress. Last week my dr said I was almost a 1 and 50% effaced. This week, another dr says there's nothing...no effacement or dilation at all. It's frustrating, but I know those numbers can change in a blink once real labor starts. I think I clean almost every night now, as my brain keeps saying, "if you go into labor tonight, you'll have to bring her home to this mess!" My son is really the only thing keeping me busy and therefore sane right now.

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    Deja vu??

  • So due date is today. I have given up on this child coming out on his own and am now just counting down the days until my induction. Husband is starting paternity leave this week, so I guess we will try to do nice dates and get some quality time together before baby comes. 
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