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Cold and Flu

My DS is 4 months old and got his first bout of cold around 3 months which sort of got better in 2 weeks and then he had the flu in Jan first week and since his mucus has not cleared up. We took him to his Ped but Doc says all is well and his lungs are clear. Now he again contracted cold from his father and he has a stuffy nose. Any suggestions?? My heart breaks everytime i see him in discomfort

Re: Cold and Flu

  • Babies at this age can't have much. Humidifier, baby saline spray and Tylenol is about it. Does your pediatrician have an advice nurse?
  • Same as what lilpoots said, but also recommend a nose frida and zarbee's baby chest rub. You can also try elevating the head of the crib a little bit.
  • Pretty much what the other ladies said.  Baby saline nose drops/ spray, nose Frida, humidifier with Vick's or the Vick's baby chest rub.  It takes a while for head congestion to clear up sometimes.  
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