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Easy meals/snacks for extreme nausea??

Dont even have the energy or appetite but know I need to eat to try to feel better. I think I’m exhausting cereal, English muffins and saltines!!! Any quick ideas that preferably don’t involve cooking??

Re: Easy meals/snacks for extreme nausea??

  • This thread is so necessary right now! I'm glad you started it. I'm currently on saltines. Apples help. That's about all I ate when I was pg with DD. I am considering just buying a lot of those boxed pasta meals because DH can handle making them by himself if I get too bad to cook. 
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  • I ate a lot of bagels and cream cheese last time.  Oh and chocolate milk.

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  • I second apples. A Mom in my N15 FB group suggested mixed nuts, but i don’t like nuts...
  • Protein is supposed to help.  But I know sometimes it’s just whatever you can get down.  I’ve depended on Boost nutritional drinks in the past.  We had fish sticks, potatoes, and apple sauce for dinner tonight.  I’m already thinking about maybe carry out broccoli cheese soup tomorrow night.

  • Canteloupe has been saving me lately. And whole wheat Ritz crackers. 
  • Bagels and cream cheese- I can't stop. 
  • Just yesterday I found this juice at the supermarket and I loved it: apple, kale, pineapple, ginger and peppermint.
    It really eased the nausea enough so I could have a proper diner.
  • I didn’t realize apples may help I’ll have to try! And bagels sound delicious. I think i may have to hit up the bakery later :)
  • Mild white cheeses (mozzarella, baby-bels) have been my go-to so far, along with saltines and milk. Rice works too, along with pasta and alfredo. 

    I can eat any citrus when I’m nauseous. It just makes it worse. (And normally, I love grapefruit juice!)

    But my nausea has been pretty mild, and it comes and goes. As long as I eat something every 2-3 hours, I’m doing ok. 
  • Cheese sticks all day long over here. 
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    DD 10-29-2016
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  • I have a recently diagnosed allergy to wheat, yet all I want are saltines or pretzels (the bagel w/cream cheese sounds really good too) ☹. So I am still looking for a good alternative for me. However, my best friend said watermelon helped her. So maybe I will get some the next time I am at the store. 
  • @tabbiekat13 Glutino pretzles are my favorite. They GF
  • I can eat any citrus when I’m nauseous. It just makes it worse. (And normally, I love grapefruit juice!)
    Whoops!  Typo. 

    I CANNOT eat any citrus. 
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