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Any recent Hahnemann Deliveries?

CineRokCineRok member
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Hi everyone. A little early for me to be worrying about this I suppose (due in October, but haven't had my first doc appointment yet, it's scheduled for end of Feb). But I'm not completely sold on Hahnemann. Unfortunately it's going to be a HUGE pain in the ass to get to Einstein for me. Since there are offices for Drexel/Hahnemann in walking distance from my house and the hospital itself is easy to get to for me AND it's covered by my insurance, I am going to give it a go. Unless I hear otherwise. Can anyone tell me about their recent experiences giving birth there? I found a few threads but they are older and I didn't want to bump them up. I also know some hospitals went through updates and renovations, so a recent experience might make me feel better.

I'm planning on a natural birth. I don't want to be forced to do something I don't want to do. I want to be able to move around and not be confined to a bed. And I want to be able to labor on my ball (if I'm allowed to bring it) and even use a squatting bar (do I put in a request for one? Will they tell me no?). Are there showers/tubs in the room and will they let me labor in the shower?

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