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First ivf cycle failed all abnormal embryos

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hello I’m new here so forgive me if I don’t say or abbreviate things just right.. I am 31 and dh is 31 also. I have severe endo and had a lap surgery a year ago. We just finished our first ivf cycle and everything seemed to be going smoothly. We had 18 eggs retrieved, 15 mature 11 fertilized with icsi and 6 make it to day 5 blasts for testing. We got the results yesterday that all 6 embryos are abnormal. I’m crushed, devestated and angry. We are so young and healthy. There was no common thread with the embryos all random chromosomes missing or duplicate of some So my question is has anyone ever had a horrible first cycle and go on to have normal ones the next round? We pretty much would be spending all our money if we do it again. I’m so scared it will result in the same outcome. 

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  • I've been a stalker in this group lately but feel like I have to share this with you!  I'm so sorry to hear about your experience.

    It's a very long article but it questions whether PGS is legitimate.  This 4x-year-old woman transferred several "abnormal embryos" and gave birth to a healthy baby girl!  They said the cells they test during PGS usually become the placenta not the embryo.  Also, the "bad cells" also have the potential to correct themselves during development.  Don't give up!  Maybe find another RE who is also not sure about PGS?  Sending you lots of baby dust.  
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