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STM when will you tell DD/DS?

When do you plan to tell your current children that there's a new baby on the way? Are you going to do something special/funny/ cute to announce it to them?

Re: STM when will you tell DD/DS?

  •  DD is 7, so I don't want to tell her until I'm ready for friends from school to know since I doubt she'll keep it to herself.  So I'll probably wait another 4-6 weeks unless I can't keep it from her for whatever reason.   I have no idea how we're going to tell her,  that's half the reason I started this post.  :)
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  • My youngest is too little to get it but I told my DD already. She was wanted another baby so is really excited! Plus I needed to tell her why she had to quit jumping onto my stomach  :#
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  • We already told our 3- SD (13), DS1 (3), and DS2 (1)- so obviously the youngest 2 don't really get it. SD knows that we aren't announcing to the world but that we have told our close family and friends. 
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  • I think once the baby is bigger I’ll tell DS but he is only 2 and I just don’t want him jumping on my belly like a trampoline! 

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  • *TW loss*  We had a loss on 11/30.  When we found out we were pregnant then we told the kids right away (who at the time were almost 2 and almost 5).  It was really hard trying to explain to them that there wasn't going to be a baby.  Especially the two year old who still talks about the baby in mom's belly.  It's heart breaking to hear them talk about it pretty regularly, more so for my husband.  This time we decided to wait until 12 weeks to tell anyone. *end TW*      
  • I'm so anxious to tell my SS6 and family. We are going to wait until after my first OB at 8 weeks. Although, with as much as we talk about things in front of him, I bet he'll figure it out. If he could keep a secret we would tell him to sooner.

    I think we are going to make him a "big brother" shirt and give it to him. Since he's getting better at reading, I think it will be fun.
  • DD is 2.5 and apparently knew before I did. About 2 weeks ago she would not stop pointing to my belly and saying there was a baby in there. *TW* We had a MC in October, so the rational side of me is pretty sure she just suddenly remembered that there was supposed to be a baby in there. I just cried at the time it happened because she would not accept no as an answer. *End TW* I've already told her there is a baby again, but we didn't make a thing of it because DH isn't quite ready to tell people. I bought a little outfit for the baby and she likes to bring it to me and tell me that it's too little for her to wear. So I tell her it's for her baby brother/sister and she usually gets bored and walks away to show the outfit to DH. I think by the time we actually have this baby she will understand more what is going on. Does anyone have books they recommend for a 2.5yo to help them understand?
  • I have a 4 yr old and and def not until everything is good. I am thinking even like 20w. 

    DS 12/15/13

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  • I told DS already, but he’s only 14 months so he has no idea what I’m talking about, haha. But it felt really nice to tell him that he’s going to be a big brother, even if it was only for my own amusement. :smile:

  • DD is 4.5 and I told her as soon as the test came up positive lol. DF video taped it too
  • @acciocoffee I’m so glad your DD turn out to know the future! I remember your story from TTGP.

    I won’t be telling DS until we announce. In fact I probably won’t until I have a belly to show.

  • @cdepperschmidt Crazy, right?! I also had a fortune from a fortune cookie that talks about a rainbow coming soon or something. I saved it just in case and will probably frame it. I can just picture DH rolling his eyes now... lol
  • I’ve already told DD, but she’s 17 months and just screamed “NO!” to me
  • DS is 3.5 and DD is 1.5... I will tell them RIGHT before we tell my parents or anyone else, because if I tell my son there is no way he won't spill the beans.

    Actually, that might be a cute way to break the 'surprise' news to my mom.  Hhhhmmmm....


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  • My kids are 10, 9, &5.  My goal is to wait until Easter (13 weeks) to tell them and do a fun reveal with the gender at the same time since we’re planning to get genetic testing done.  We’ve had three losses that they knew about and I really want to wait as long as possible to tell them this time.  

  • @lest12 even at 6 I can't guarantee that he won't tell anyone! We also don't want him telling his mom until we are ready. 
  • I have an 18 month old and told him right when we found out. He has no idea what I’m talking about
  • My daughter is 25 months old. We talk about a new baby in my belly, but she doesn’t get it yet. We aren’t going to make a huge thing of it for now, but we are teaching her not to jump on me.
  • My DDs are 2.5 and 4.5. I won’t tell them until I want the world to know. I’m thinking after our Disney trip in April so after 14 weeks. 

    My 4 year old drew a picture of me with a baby in my belly a few weeks ago. I’m pretty sure she has baby’s on the brain because both her aunts are due in May. When I asked about it she said she was drawing the 2.5 year old in my belly. 

  • We've already told DS (20 months) about the new baby and how he should take care of my belly because there's something fragile in there. But right now if we talk about "the baby" he points at himself, he's so cute!
  • We just ordered this to give to SS6 after my first appt.

  • @acciocoffee my 21 month old DS has been super focused on my belly lately so I felt like
    he knew before me too! “Belly belly belly!” Haven’t really told him, but he doesn’t get it anyway! Ha. 
  • I just learned about an early pregnancy of one of my 28 mo DD classmates family because the little boy kept talking about his baby sister.. I jokingly told the parents that he was so adamant about going home to see his sister and it was cute.. and then they fessed up (they don't actually know the sex of the baby.. but feel that they have to find out to prepare their son in case it isn't a girl!). Given that example... We are not telling her until we are ready to tell the public!!
  • We have our appt on the 27 and a big-sister photo shoot on Mar 4. Guess that's the day we will tell her lol. She is a little over 3yo but a huge blabbermouth. We will tell our family right after our appt and they will have to keep it quiet until we get our pictures back to post.  

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  • Probably not until 12-14 weeks. Our DS1 is almost 7, and we have DS2/DD who are 4yo twins. We won’t tell them until we are ready for everyone to know. 
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