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Diaper Rash from Pads

Wanted to give fair warning, and see if anyone had any suggestions...

My friend and I who coincidentally had our babes ten days apart are both experiencing horrible diaper rash from wearing stupid pads! 

I was wondering if anyone had a remedy aside from diaper rash ointment and coconut oil, or if there was a specific brand of pads to look out for. So far I’ve used always and Kotex and no luck. 

Re: Diaper Rash from Pads

  • Maybe try a more natural brand with less chemicals/irritants? Seventh generation does some now I believe. I use tampons from a brand called Natracare that have none of the bad stuff in it. I get them on amazon, I’m sure they do pads too.
  • @rachelleck how are you feeling? try not to stay in a pad for long. Change at least every 2hrs, seventh generation would work better as @kristinl492 suggested.
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  • Does baby powder do anything? I don't honestly know. I don't have diaper rash from them but I started wearing pads finally a few days ago because I'm sick of needing to change my underwear every time I cough. Embarrassing and uncomfortable. I was trying to hold out because I thought it was wasteful, but it sure beats having damp underwear and going through so much underwear a day. I happen to have a cough so it's totally necessary lately.
  • Thank you for checking up on me @sweetgirlamaris! I’m doing a little better, trying to switch pads more often, but I have still been using Kotex. I’m going to look for seventh generation or a similar brand though. I haven’t been able to drive bc of c section, and my mom has been here and has had me on lockdown due to the flu season (for which I am very thankful), so I haven’t been to the store yet. 
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